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Author Topic: Delicious-Demi  (Read 2650 times)

3 review(s) for Darling Demi (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline MrBilbo

Direct Site - http://www.delicious-demi.com/
Adultwork - https://www.adultwork.com/165026 or https://www.adultwork.com/Delicious%2DDemi

The Venue – Incall - Her flat, based in Warwick, easy to find and easy to park nearby. Flat is nicely decorated and very clean, Easy to feel comfortable in.

The Communication – Good - Phoned her (number listed on AW profile), spoke about availability, thrashed out a time to suit. Phoned her again on the day to confirm. Had seen Demi once before so knew where to find her flat (made an exception to my rule of never seeing the game twice as I knew she was a safe bet).

The Lady – Sexy, very sexy. 100% the girl in the photos, from conversation with her I'd say she's older than she lists (around 5 years). Figure wise she's not found wanting, VERY nice body all over, pert nipples, nice legs, amazing arse, pretty in the face and clean. Attitude-wise she clearly knows the business and likes to get down to business (has the type of demeanor that tells you she doesn't suffer fools, time wasters etc), but once the session has started... its all change, really gets into it.

The Meeting – Got to her flat, was running a lil, got there picked out the outfit I wanted her to wear, was a skin tight lycra number with a corset and heels (Think Olivia Newton at the end of Grease). I opted for 2 hour a tie and tease with pretty much no limits. I got undressed and she chained me down to the bed and blindfolded me. She started off a prostate massage some heavy anal probing, then moving on to butt-plugs etc was "intense" with some "stretching" to say the least, from there is got kinkier and kinkier, hot wax, poppers.. the entire time teasing me to point I was about to cum before denying me at the last minute (Loads of OWO). This went on and on for 2 hours till my cock was robbing and I was literally begging to release, finally she put her awesome ample arse in my face and wanked me off til I exploded everywhere. There was a rather loud "OOHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD" that could probably be heard 2 towns over, such to extent of me cumming. This probably the first time I've ever seen a WG (not a mistress) and I didn't have penetrative sex, but it was easily one of the most intense "releases" I've ever had and the entire experience was nothing short of amazing. Would happily let her do the whole thing to me all over again.

The Verdict – Was an amazing session, "eye-opening" in several ways and would happily be put through the whole thing again by her. She's a fantastic lady with a knockout body and an unshockable demeanor, that knows how to give a guy a kinky, sexy, unforgettable time. Recommended.


3 review(s) found for Darling Demi linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline MrBilbo

Forgot to mention, had a shower after the fact was offered and needed it, shower and toilet facilities were good, clean towels, mens shower gel etc. All nice and clean.

Offline saf1976

Have seen Demi a number of times in the past and she is a very sexy lady.

All of that report is believable bar the OWO bit. She wouldn't do owt without a condom as she says she doesn't know where a guy has been previously.

The outfits and tie and tease sound like her it's just the OWO bit, so if you are ok with that i'd highly recommend her.

Roland D Hay

I've been continually bothered with regard to the veracity of Mr Bilbo's posts. Prossies always fail to get their own fake reviews on here but what if some obliging chap posted fake reviews on their behalf. So re-reading Mr Bilbo's post I came across this...

from conversation with her I'd say she's older than she lists (around 5 years).


Why would a punter make an assumption on a prossies stated age based on a 'conversation' if he'd in fact punted with her. It is this little slip that tells me in fact that his reviews are fake.

Demi is a reasonably decent punt but OWO is strictly not on the menu (At least when I asked in the past)!

Offline Timo

IMHO this is a fake review. Two others have now said that Demi does not offer owo and there is another review further down which says the same.

Roland D Hay

The guy posted 5 reviews over about 24 hours and for 4 of those reviews he comes across like a born again preacher who's just had a personal visit from his lord god. He says he has a rule never to see girls more than once but says he'll be seeing every girl again. The one negative review he did post was for a girl he admits he never saw... Nice touch, just to add a little balance to his otherwise overly effusive posts and of course no WG to contradict his negative review of a meet.

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