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Author Topic: Lucy Young  (Read 1723 times)


I was thinking of visiting this lady today https://www.adultwork.com/1820407 https://www.adultwork.com/LUCY+YOUNG and wondered if anyone else had had the pleasure?

Her AW profile says today's her last day and the ratings feedback refers to "Mandy" and "Eve", so I was wondering if her profile has been passed on from other girls.

Any help would be much appreciated!

1 review(s) found for TEEN YOUNG CLAIRE linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

She's been discussed here.

Also her profile has been used by previous WGs named Shy Eve and Ciara Babe.

Offline Bobdayley

I went to see her last year.....
She used to advertise that she works at Stratford......
All agreed on phone and booked the day before.
Next day, I got to stratford station, called her then she gave me post code but not door number.
When i got to the street where she works, I called her so she can give me the door number.
then  :bomb: she told me that Lucy wasn't available but there is another girl working on her place.
I got  :dash: and got very very  :diablo: I swore at her on the phone and went back home
I am surprised how she had positive feedback myb when she saw me from her window she didn't like my ugly face    :manhater:
Banning reason: aka Kennedyr007

Online Jimmyredcab

Proof that a verified profile means jack shit.

I saw "Shy Eve" when she was in Queensway ------------------ she had no knowledge of her profile and said the maid looked after that ---------------- yeah, right.    :rolleyes:

Offline James999

Her AW profile says today's her last day

If it's her last day she will have no incentive to give you a decent service, so avoid  :hi:

Thanks for the responses, gentlemen!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to read any of them because I had to leave home before they were posted in order to get to Lucy on time.

I'd searched on here before starting this thread, but didn't find the thread that tomato sauce and waffles referred to (and I still can't find it on search, for some reason).

Anyway, initial comms were very good.  She responded instantly to my text enquiry, however I got no response to my confirmation follow-up text in which I asked her to wear stockings (hey, I'm vanilla).  When I arrived, she told me (unprompted) that kissing and/or a blowjob would be £10 extra each.  I pointed out that there's no mention of this on her profile and she agreed that her rates on AW were incorrect.  So I walked.  She didn't argue, so maybe I wasn't the only one.

Wasted time, but at least not wasted money.

Is it worth me writing a review if that really was her last day?

Oops!  Forgot to mention that Lucy was stockings-free when I arrived, so she'd either completely ignored my text or (as I'm becoming inclined to think) someone else deals with punters' enquiries and hadn't passed on the request - it's not the first time that's happened to me.

I was messed about by her when I was in Finchley trying to book a quick punt. They clearly work that flat on a first-come, first-served basis, as I had made a 9pm booking 2 hours in advance but when arriving at the address and awaiting a flat number, I saw another punter just ahead of me asking for a flat number on the phone. I was then told she needed me to come back at 9.30pm. I was really pissed off and just left- I later realised other comments about time wasting in her ratings.

The place is 395 Nether Street close to Finchley Central station. Sorry if posting that is wrong, I haven't given the flat number.
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Sorry to hear that jesus_jones.  I only got delayed by about ten minutes when I arrived, which wouldn't have been a big problem in itself.

I did wonder if more than one girl worked from the flat, as Lucy showed me into what she described as her room.  The place was warm and looked clean, although the "bed" was pretty much just a mattress on the floor   :(

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