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Author Topic: Has anyone seen kiera hotlips  (Read 901 times)

Offline joshc123

I'm new but was wondering if anyone has seen kiera hotlips, https://www.adultwork.com/Kiera+hotlips, and if so how was she?

Just read the profile.

She has hidden feedback....what has she got to hide?

What she doesn't hide:

She offers Bareback Sex vaginally and anally.
She loves doing 5 or 6 guy gangbangs, persumably barebback "if they look clean" I think this lass appeals to
a niche market group of punters who wouldn't readily admit that they like playing russian roulette.

My view....give her a wide berth!

Offline bod666

I'm terrified to think that that little group might be real!  :scare: the zero feedback on all 3 since oct 2012 makes me think private gallery scam. The other girl in the group is worse - bareback to completion plus not on the pill! Omg!  :vomit:
My penis is retracting into itself just thinking about it!

Offline Ali Katt

Even if she didn't do bareback she is overpriced for the area.

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