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Author Topic: alexiaa23  (Read 4719 times)

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Offline Outcallguy


Had a good time with Alex. She's a pretty 23 year old with a great toned body. Arguably not as gorgeous as her pics would suggest she looks more persian/iranian in person than the English girl I was expecting (yes I know it does state mixed race)

Great kisser, lovely oral skills and good sex in variety of positions.

The down side was she turned up 2 h late! Although she did tell me she would be late and I agreed to this. I still find it a real turn off.
She also stupidly said she's make it up to me. And then didn't really manage to, as in didn't stay longer or offer anything in particular (not even like £10 off.)
B cup breasts (I don't know why girls feel they have to lie, I guess that's society's fault!)

Recommended if you're after a young fit lady. Esp since she is a good kisser and very into it rather than mechanical.
But I wouldn't see her again, as her lateness is an issue for me.

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Offline James999

You say not as gorgeous as her photo's suggest, looking at the pic on her profile of her face she doesn't look gorgeous at all, she looks more like a 40 year old dinner lady than a 23 year old babe

And as for the pro$$ie "i'll make it up to you "line that should be up there with the cheques in the post  :sarcastic:

You've ticked Positive, was that an error ?

Offline Outcallguy

She is/was good looking.
But I take your points I shouldn't have been thinking with my dick so much.

I stand by recommending her for providing a good service.

Offline waltwalt

when girls say 'I'll make it up to you' I usually ask them how, or what that will entail. If they can't come up with anything better then 'you'll see babe' or somesuch crap I'd put them on the spot and suggest something. Obviously depends. If someone is 15 min late I don't really expect anything, but 2h! is something different.

Having said that, can you describe her appearance a bit more, she says she's a size 10 on her profile is that correct. Also the pics on her profile are really crap. When you say she is not as hot as her pics in person, do you think she is a lot more unattractive? -Ah and did she kiss? French kissing is not listed on her profile

Offline punk

must be a student if 2 hrs late or a porn star,but 200 + notes not worth it.

Offline Outcallguy

I was expecting her to look more like anna Kendrick. But she looks more Persian, so unattractive, she was still hot. Just not as hot as I wanted.

She did kiss, really well.
she has a great toned body, very slim. as I said small pert breasts.
Great arse and a great figure.

I agree her profile is poorly made.

Point noted I should have asked how she intended to make it up to me and then decided.
Live and learn

Offline tazz

She looks more like a heroin or crack addict. Cant believe a guy would give her £150 for an hour

Offline joshwinkers

You say not as gorgeous as her photo's suggest, looking at the pic on her profile of her face she doesn't look gorgeous at all, she looks more like a 40 year old dinner lady than a 23 year old babe

You really need to get your eyes checked, there's no way from her photos that she's more than 25 I'd say, and nowhere near 40!  :wacko:  :wacko:

£150 though, so I'll never see her sadly.

She was meant to come to mine at 2pm this afternoon but was a complete no-show which royally fucked me off. In the end I had to travel to Tower Bridge for a very whelming appointment with hot Bianca twatface (see the review I've just posted)

Question is, is Alexia worth persevering with? Anyone else seen her? I look forward to an apologetic text from her later on...

Offline Outcallguy

Not worth pursuing if she's let you down like that. Unless she offers you a discount for your next booking.


You, outcallguy, are the sober voice of reason that I need to hear more from. You're the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Being the big softy, I've invited her round next Sunday, after she gave me the Jackanory about being up until dawn and ill/oversleeping etc. So we'll see. Will follow up with a review.

The cancellation did allow me to open up a line of dialogue with this young lady however - and I notice you've seen both. They both offer a reasonably priced 30 minute outcall rate.

How do they compare, would you say? I like them pretty, skinny and easy-going, so if you could factor that in to your adjudication I'd be grateful.

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Offline Outcallguy

I'd pick Younggirl (Em) over Alexia.
Easy to communicate with (though she works so is busy a lot)
But had a really great time with her.

I didn't click as much with alexia so haven't seen her again, but will be seeing Em again

Offline nabsy

alexia's profile is crap

i've seen her though and it was great and she is v hot

well worth it, even if she is a bit unreliable

Saw Alexia this afternoon. Overall good - she's prettier than I expected - lovely skinny figure and good all round service. Compliant and catered to my needs (all vanilla) well. Unhurried service, too. Also, she talked about how she is becoming more amenable to unusual requests (domination, role play etc.)- she's pretty open minded so worth approaching her if this is your inclination. Probably not if it involves shitting in her eyes etc., as she's still pretty new to the game.

One issue that I did find a bit off putting was that she had some sort of skin imperfection on her chest - mainly just south of her tits. Could have been eczema - not sure. But a bit unappealing.

Outcallguy - am seeing Emilie on Friday so will report back. While I've got you - am currently trying to open a line of dialogue with Melanie Santos - https://www.adultwork.com/1812431 - how does she compare to these two, would you say?

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Offline Outcallguy

melanie has gone to Portugal for 2 months!

She's my favourite of the 3. But also very unreliable. (I am too, so it is a 2 way street)
Fantastic figure, really good head and very dirty. (No CIM though :( )
Worth seeing once she's back, though she's aiming to retire soon

I'll let you know if I meet anyone else who's similar though.

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