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Author Topic: Hot Mistress 4U Woking  (Read 1669 times)

Offline James999

Her stated age is 29, with the blurred pics it's safe to assume she's the wrong side of 40  :scare:

Offline adders

Just phoned her, she sounded older than 29 on the phone as well. Booked for 4pm but may cancel unless someone on here can persuade me not to!!

I've seen her a few times in Woking.  If she's truly 29 then she's a young looking 29 - or at least the girl (Elisa) that I saw was!!  She's gives a really good oily body to body massage (if that's your thing) before the main event.  She thoroughly enjoys RO and cums hard, not in a squirting sense but stomach contractions, groans and a look of intense pleasure - something that can't be faked.  She also kisses pretty well, although with a very slight taste of smoke.  In cowgirl she takes control of the pace and positions herself so she gets maximum satisfaction for orgasm number 2 (she nearly snapped my dick!).  I would say she's a size 10 and overall gives a pretty decent service.  Recommendations and ratings are always subjective but I've had a few good punts with her and left entirely satisfied. 

Good luck if you do go see her.  Look forward to some feedback.

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