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Author Topic: Anyone got an STD from an Agency Girl?  (Read 6732 times)

Offline sesalovdarlo

After all this he did not mention the std he caught and how he was diagnosed etc.

Offline tinytim

For those interested:


Sex covered, oral uncovered and no anal play with an escorts comes out at just under 6% risk.

The main problem with this calculator is that it doesn't have the number of times you have sex in the calculator.
If you have sex 100 times you are more likely to get it , everything else being considered, than if you have sex once. This is one of the reasons chlamydia is more common in young folks. They have more sex and more partners!

Personally I go crabs in the 90s and the clap through owo 10 years ago (it was in Leicester though).

Most STI's are transitory and easily treated. So any WG may be infected then not infected and later infected again, and this applies to ALL WG's who don't use a condom for absolutely everything. So what is the point in naming because it will only be relevant for a short time, and at any given time it could be anyone including the punter.

Risk is a statistical concept and as such it is mathematically applied in the context of populations based on certain assumptions. For example one may argue that the risk of contracting an STI may be lower with agency girls (population 1) than curb crawlers (population 2) based on the assumption that the former may take more thorough precautions.

So in my view naming will help no-one unless it is instant and has a short expiry date.

Sorry, misplaced. I only got to page 1!

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