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Author Topic: AdultWork ratings using them to avoid scam and getting attacked? Safety tips?  (Read 7731 times)

Offline vorian

A bit more for your paranoia.
If you would be concerned to receive a call from your chosen WG out of the blue e.g. wife alert, then get a punting phone that you only turn on when punting and that you can stash away somewhere. It is very rare in my experience for a WG to call/text but if they are having a quiet time they just might send out texts...
I'm sure there's a post or two on precautions to take apart from the obvious one = condom
It's highly unlikely you will have any trouble, so make a booking and enjoy.

Good advice for the married man, not sure if the OP relationship status has been established.
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Offline CoolTiger

Just picking one off your list:

What, other than the 82 positive feedbacks on her profile, no negatives, no private gallery (to scam with), two field reports, and some positive comments on here from a respected member (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=17507.msg272429#msg272429 )?  :dash:

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