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Saw this girl last month, and was impressed.

Messaged her on AW, got a reply pretty quickly, and organised things straight away.  Arrived just ahead of time, at her small apartment block with its own car park, nicely out of the way, and called. No problem, got instructions and went in.  Nothing fancy, but clean, tidy, and no sign of anyone else there, or the camera someone else on here mentioned (could have been hidden, I didn't search the place).  Wasn't offered a shower, which I don't like.

Having greeted me wearing high heels and a smile, we sorted paperwork, and she set to work.  She kisses well, and deep, sucks the same, too.  Moved onto the bed, she let me put the condom on, which most don't girls don't seem to trust me to do, and we got to the main business.  After a while in a couple of positions, she said she was sore.  I stopped, and let her go on top, but she was still sore.  She doesn't do anal on the first meet, but she offered it instead, and who was I to decline.  Loved it, definitely worth going for.

She does everything she offers, no questions, and looks as per, or better, than her pictures. 

I'd probably go back for round 2, at some point.

10 review(s) found for SEX KITTEN SOPHIA linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Mac72

Been on my HL for a while now but never had the chance when up in Manchester. 

Maybe me, but cannot find any mention of the no anal first time on profile or on like list. 

Does she definitely offer it on second meet onwards?

Also. how do her tits look in real life, some of the pictures look a bit ‘lumpy’ - medical term that one! around the nipples which has held me off a bit.

Thanks in advance for any further info


I was going to see this girl a few months ago, then someone posted she'd offered them BB anal. May be worth reading the comments on Penguins review before booking round 2.