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Author Topic: MISS JOJO PORNSTAR / HOT SEXY PSE - BIRMINGHAM  (Read 20153 times)

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Offline rkc86

OMG OMG OMG OMG! Never in a million years I would see a report on this WG because I received more or the less the same experience. This punt was done back in late Nov 2012 and it probably would have stopped me from mongering as it was only my second punt. Anyway I made the text appointment the same day and agreed on time and location. Near the time, she called me and the voice on the phone sounded like a really old lady and then again her profile did state 30's so prob a MILF. So we got into the room and I give her the dosh. She looked at me and said it was £80! I said it says £60 for 30mins on her AW and she kept asking me if I had more money. I did but I obviously lied. She said ok so I undressed myself and I must say she did have a nice pair. So a quick BBBJ that lasted prob no more than 10 secs, she caps me without saying anything and she lies on her back. She does these fake moans and keep saying "Oh fuck me in the pussy" this and that. After 2mins she says "Oh fuck me in the ass" which I do for like 1 min. She then asked If I already cum and was like "erm, no." So she pulls my cock out and ask me to wank on her pussy. Being a nookie noob I thought ok since I've got another 25mins left and it did say cum as many times on her AW link, I unloaded on her pussy. A quick wipedown she gets up and puts on her bra. I asked her "is that it?" and she talked over me "Oh that was good wasn't it?" as if she just didn't hear me so I asked her again and she got her phone out and started texting! I just got changed and walked out after 7minutes!! Horrible lady and bad experiencing  :manhater:

Offline Ali Katt

Sounds like one who gets away with offering bad service when men think with their dick. It's not always easy, but hit them in the wallet by walking and they'll lose out, not you.

Offline zootalors

Apropos of nothing,I was re-reading this thread and clicked on her AW link from when she was calling herself Penelope Cream.She`s changed her name again and offering bareback !!!!


She's updated her age too ... she's definitely over 40 though!

Offline zootalors

She's updated her age too ... she's definitely over 40 though!

Over 50 more like

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Jerboa

She is a bad one, as soon as she asks for more than the advertised rate you must know she is a scammer, the old punter thinking with his dick, I would of walked out telling her I'm going to find a lady who sticks to her posted rates and looks younger than my nan.

The guy cums after 15 mins, and she makes it plain the service is over, most punters probably will feel unwelcome, and want out, In the past when a lady tries to rush me I've made a point of staying the full time, just to piss her off.  :crazy:

Offline M8gic

I seen this person twice, first time was a few years ago in Yardley. I finished work late and was horny as hell so she booked me in at 11pm. Punt was not too bad, a bot of anal and fucked her in a few positions. I would say she is late 40's, early 50's. Anyways as I said that punt was not too bad but the flat was a shithole.

2nd time i seen her it was in Rubery, It was even rougher then the first place. The flat she worked from was a 1st floor flat and im sure the bedroom window was smashed. During our punt I had her on all fours with her head down and ass up, lets just say I was not holding back from smashing her back doors in, she actually had to stop me as she said she couldn't handle me even though when you read her profile she comes across as a anal queen.

After the second punt I was never to return again because she just looked like a junkie who offered a rushed service, at the time I seen her BB was not advertised otherwise I would never book. If i remember correctly I paid £40 for both meets with anal etc. Lasted about 20 mins each one, she does advertise higher but I always barter and I found out the ones that drop their prices are usually sub-standard

Offline M8gic

Also another thing I forgot to mention, never leave your number showing as she one constantly texts you, are you coming etc. She does not know what discretion is

Offline datyman

I saw this WG in 2013, her AW profile had the name Penelope in it back then...

She messed me about originally as I booked her for an outcall and she failed to show up. I contacted her and complained and she said come to me tomorrow and you can have a free half hour, i.e. 90 minutes. I wasn't around the following day so I arranged to meet up with her at the end of the month.

I did meet with her at the end of the month in a flat in a social housing estate in Birmingham which was quiet and appeared safe, sparse but clean and tidy inside.

She did everything on her profile but I had to stop penetrative sex after 50 mins, (mish, doggy, up against the wall, over the chair, seated) as she was dry and had no lube left so lots of anal, oral and HR a bit of RO.

Her tits are awful but the rest of her body was quite fit for what I believe is a woman 50+ despite what her profile purported to be 39 :lol:

The end was a bit rushed as I had run out of steam by then but I stuck to my guns and got my full 90 minutes plus a few extra.

All in all it was a very good punt but I wouldn't go back as she had this hacking ocugh and I already thought I had caught something like TB or pleurisy off her :)

Offline zootalors

Looks like she's fucked off 'oop north'....and she says she's 25 !!!! :lol:      https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1659080
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