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Author Topic: Green tea  (Read 238 times)

Story in the paper that says consumption of green tea can inhibit the effectiveness of certain drugs, dealing with blood pressure, ive noticed that when using Viagra, black tea gives better results than green tea. To be honest only drink green tea cos it stains less than black tea. Anyone any views on best drink to take a Viagra with? I reckon it works more quickly with a hot drink, but read that coffee dilates your blood vessels, I presume this is a bad thing for someone trying to get a hard-on.

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Water?Probably your safest bet.

Offline Ali Katt

Green tea is an anti-oxidant I think it can thin the blood. White tea is a more powerful anti-oxidant IIRC.

Water?Probably your safest bet.

I think a hot drink make the Viagra kick in more quickly.

Offline pilgrim

I have found that a light snack and a drink of dilute juice or water taken on an empty stomach achieve the best results.  I tend to carry a litre of dilute juice in my daysack and I need it after a punt using viagra.  I find that along with most medicines you need a wee bit of food so that the medication does not rot your stomach lining.

Its worth making a note of your best/worst effects and looking back to see what suits you best.

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