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Author Topic: Sexy Denissa  (Read 5155 times)

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Re: Sexy Denissa

« Reply #10 on: February 26, 2014, 01:01:10 pm »



So who did you originally post for then?

The AW link you posted leads to her profile

I posted this on February 26, you didn't answer till March 27. That is about a month.

There was no underlying accusation at all, but if you want to think that then its your choice.

You are the the person who said that "This isn't the girl I originally posted for and her claimed feedback relates to girls under other names so I'll take your comments with a pinch of salt."

and "Stick around for long enough and you'll see this is a common occurrence" about me, but I don't go accusing or implying people of anything.

Since Denissa has been reviewed on UKP and both jammiedodger and GrumpyoldGit have also seen her, then we know she is genuine which should be the end of the matter.

Roland D Hay

FFS  :dash:

It's quite a simple concept, no one is saying that Denissa isn't genuine, I am saying that at some point she took over another girls profile. It's this that is a common occurrence but you don't even seem to have understood that because for some reason you are relating that common occurrence to yourself. 

You make a comment pointing out that the OP had gone all quiet on the issue but you weren't implying anything. Not very believable really is it.  :rolleyes:

thats possible enough as its common practice among some of the ee girls, what is beyond doubt though is its defo the denissa i know in all the pics and she gives great service/value with none of the shadyness and tricks associated with many romanian girls  :)

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I think it's best to stay clear of EE girls anyway.  There are plenty of independent British girls who give a good service
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Banning reason: White-knight leaver

to be honest that used to be my creedo too and i was especially wary of romanians (rightly or wrongly shouldn't generalize i know  :blush:) but i'm being straight when i say that denissa is not only better than most ee girls she's one of the best girls i've seen full stop  :hi:

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