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Author Topic: Merits And Drawbacks Of Feedback?  (Read 608 times)

Offline smiths

As a punter who is only interested in contacting WGs with displayed phone numbers i never book by email booking request and have no feedback on A/W and have never left any.

After hundreds of punts over the years off Adultwork i have never been told having no feedback meant the WG wouldnt see me. In fact its very rarely even mentioned by WGs.

I understand the benefit to the WG in terms of something is better than nothing, so if the punter has feedback it can aid her decision in whether to see a punter or not and make her feel safer.

Have any punters been refused a booking on the grounds of having no or bad feedback?

What do posters see as the merits or drawbacks of feedback?

Online James999

Feedback on AW makes girls less suspicious, but you don;t need lots, and if you decide to get a new profile it is easy to message a girl you've seen before and get her to do you a feedback.

Offline Strawberry

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I don't hold a punter's feedback against him, bad or good but I do bear it in mind. If for instance he has ranty, all over the place type comments on his profile, if his behaviour starts reflecting this I'm going to be superwary(it also means I won't take it too personally too!). I am quite aware not everyone gets on all the time, so there will be fall outs and ulterior motives floating around. It's about common sense. I have seen profiles with constant bad feedback, that girls continue to accept bookings from only to have the same repeated. I'm guessing they haven't been too affected by the previous warnings at all.

Offline Daffodil

I don't have a fantastic success rate in my emails being answered and, I think, have +2 as my feedback with no negatives. I do wonder if my relatively small amount of feedback impacts on the number of emails I get returned.
That said I tend to book my punts via phone/text in the first instance if the option is available. The girls who don't list a number (and hence I have to email) are probably less genuine in the first place.

Offline JockStar

I decided to register on aw to get feedback
mainly so that girls could tell that I'm not a timewaster.
So I have more chance of successfully booking a girl I want.

Downside is on the feedback from one girl mentioned I had a big cock, I can only take her word as I don't compare, but it may have a negative effect if I seek anal services in future!!!

Offline Jimmyredcab

I have no negative feedback but it is pretty irrelevant anyway because I much prefer to book by phone, no phone number displayed --------- no booking, seemples.   ;)

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