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Author Topic: So obviously a fake profile....... Wokingham  (Read 762 times)

Offline ciscoxxx69

This profile turned up for Vicky.right today for Wokingham.......yeah, not so right I am afraid!


But these pictures are actually of Pornstar Delilah Dash ... :unknown:


 :dash: :dash: :dash:     

WTF ??? 
As the kids would say.........Epic Fail :hi:

3 review(s) found for MissReeganRiely_xoxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Profile is not verified so if this was reported to AW I'm sure they'd put an alert on the profile then get it taken down quickly.  As you say though, makes it easier for us when a fake is so easy to spot.

Offline vorian

Profile has gone, another small victory for the punter.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

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