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Author Topic: Fuckable girly?  (Read 1639 times)

Offline Xlnicklx

Remember seeing her about a year ago and frankly... She was awesome probably still first or second best punt I've had.... Up there with keeva and Cameron of amour....

Does anyone know what happened to her? Is she under a different name?

Her aw profile doesn't say deleted.. Just inactive at this time.

Thanks for any info gents :)

Offline Barry Shipton

She disappeared quite suddenly from North Tyneside and not much info why or where she went to. Some discussion in this thread but the links are dead now  do a search and there is the odd mention but no real info.

Who knows, like Kirsten, she might turn up again one day but probably know Wales!


Offline AnthG

Shot in the dark idea here, but if you know any girls on there who would be prepared to PM her and ask, the other half of the duo she did is a member on Saafe.


She hasn't been on there in a while but if she receives a PM she might sign in to read it and respond. You would think if anyone knows if she is still working or not, she would.

Gone but not forgotten I think it is the answer. Upped and disappeared quite soon after relocating near Royal Quays.

Offline portable

Over the recent years, I've noticed that several girls move to washington and then not long afterwards, disappear... what's going on with that place?

Offline daviemac

could this be her?


I hope this means she's back

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No escort service advertised and wasn't around for long.

100 % her, but as Davie says seemingly irrelevant.

Offline Xlnicklx

We can only hope.... that escorting gets added to profile soon... in the northeast :)

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