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Author Topic: How old were you when you started punting?  (Read 3033 times)

55, last year, things are looking up!

I was 19 on a stag do in Amsterdam pissed as a fart, good times.

Offline Topgun

27, and wish I'd started when i was 20 (when I was on enough money for this), instead I blew it all on being a boyracer, managed to shag 12 girls over 2 years. Just think how many girls I could have shagged with over £20k...
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Offline lancspunter

I went to an "Adult Cinema" in Manchester when I was 19 (1979) and got a BJ from one of the strippers for a fiver  Does that count? Other than that I was 40.
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Offline FasterHarder

Was 20 and I started off by fucking a granny. Remember on the phone asking if I was old enough. She said as long as I was 16 I didn't need my mum's permission.
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Offline jamielong

19 years old, and been doing it ever since.
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Offline itk

For me it was the early 1990's when I would have been 22-23 yrs old. Started after a night out with a couple of mates up Norwich and one of them suggested driving home through the RLD. Started off as a bit of a laugh until we saw the girls. My first was us three talking to two WG's (Lisa & Jane) who said they'd take us back to their flat. Grubby looking place and spent £20 for OW and hand job. Not looked back since.
Service then was more rushed and OWO was almost non-existent, remember most punts were £20, an additional £10 for more than one position. Mostly done in the car, was far more risky which looking back made the punt strangely more pleasing.

Offline tryssic

23. My missus at the time was not long into a 3 year post overseas. My sex drive couldn't cope with the long distance relationship thing and wanking alone, so I ended up looking through the personal ads in The Daily Sport. I ended up at a flat in Newington not far from Kareen's in Edinburgh. Don't remember the lasses name but she was mid40s with a massive rack. Couldn't cum in the end, I was too nervous, but it was the first tit-wank I'd ever had.

Offline Bluefin

I tried it when I was 18 and abroad.
It was another couple of decades before I did again though, not because the experience was particularly bad, just down to money, opportunities, girlfriends, marriage etc.
I'm planning to make up for lost time though while I still can.

So as I have said before, I was 16 yr old, when I started punting, and this was in 1981, and the masseur was more than happy to oblige, but how times have changed, think now you will be lucky if any escort will see anyone under 18

Started at 21 with a walk up near Soho with a much older plump 'auntie' sort of lady who was Jewish. She was very randy with a keen young client and I have been looking for someone like her ever since, now 73.

Offline GreyDave

Just under 16 Soho Walkup 39 years ago  :scare: :scare:

10 quid a Singaporean bearback  :scare: I recall I had a wank first in one of the many clip cinemas loo`s :crazy: to last a bit longer blow job then asian cowgirl
Many of the girls wanted to shag young guys but only a few tiurned me away one of the best was a huge titted Maltese lady close to the then Revue Bar who for a tenner made me cum twice once on th tits and then in....Christ I wish I could do that now I now understand why older women like younger guys... :cry: :cry:
No courage is needed to do walk ups just good legs to go up n down stairs there are a lot of crappy ones there but not to many of the Intercity Northern lasses which where about in the 80`s.

Started at 21 with a walk up near Soho with a much older plump 'auntie' sort of lady who was Jewish. She was very randy with a keen young client and I have been looking for someone like her ever since, now 73.

HP how do things compare when you were 21, and how are they now 73 years old, what sort of changes have you seen at soho

Offline GreyDave

Thinking about it now the older women were by far the best shags the younger ones a bit selfcentered.
As I get older I suppose they really apreciated a young guy now I am Older the young ones want a quick old guy but the older ones still like the young bucks...he ho life . Oh generally Soho is so much safe now with no unline of seadness and fear like there was in the 80`s it reall cleaned up in the 90`s and is now Ad agency land..
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HP how do things compare when you were 21, and how are they now 73 years old, what sort of changes have you seen at soho
I never go to Soho or Shepherd Market nowadays, I mean I rarely go into the West End and I doubt I would punt for those 10 minute jobs. I did like some of the French ladies who would almost give me an orgasm washing mister happy in warm soapy water.

I prefer more realist encounters with ladies where there is kiss, snog, fondle, suck and all the other things you can read in my reports. I might sometimes go a a small advert in a local paper. I used to go for ladies from Rendezvous contact magazine in the 1970s I think it was. But mainly now it is AW.

I just adore the sensation of bringing a lady to multiple orgasms and gushing which I have done twice in the last month, one could never do that in Soho.

Dolores in East London, Alxis in Horsham and Switch69 in Luton have given me a fabulous month. Watch out for the next thrilling instalment if my next plan A works.
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Mid 20's - where I lived there were a lot of parlours, and I popped into a couple of them to look at the lineup, working up the courage.  Sex had pretty much dried up with then-gf (familiar story  :D). Then one day on the way home from the pub I walked in and got a CBJ.  Looking back, it was a terrible punt, the (English) girl was clearly wasted and had a big scar down her back.  It was enough though, I was hooked. Went back again for another (terrible) BJ, then changed parlours, got a reasonable experience then a very good one with a naughty older black woman.

A few years later, did a couple of street experiences (just CBJ). They used to hang around the route to the bar where I worked, and would ask you "want any business?".  Eventually I caved. Always on foot though, never in a car. Those were really fucking seedy, after spending a bit of time talking to one of the prossies, decided I'd never do that again.  They just had really sad, messed up lives.

Now I've discovered escorts; much more what I was after in the first place, although I couldn't have afforded it then!

Offline mcb

Can’t remember the date of my first punt, but I must have been about 21 or so.

35. Post divorce. Suddenly occurred to me during a flight to Amsterdam!

I'm 30 years old and I had my first punt when I was 14 when I was a young kid in Sao Paulo brazil

Offline got2respond

I was 17. Biggest regret i have
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Offline od13218

18 - a frustrated student, went to Peter St in Soho, no 3 I think, one of the walk ups that closed long ago. Nice girl with massive tits, she was kind to me and I came bucketloads. Went back a few times and loved the whole walk-up scene so much that one day I did 3 in one afternoon :)
Packed it in when I got a long term girlfriend but back again now that I've been married over 10 years...

Offline od13218

I was 17. Biggest regret i have

Regret that you did it? Sorry to hear that pal. What went wrong?

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