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Good evening, hope you all doing good!  :)

Yes I've asked about Sandra crystal some time ago, but decided I don't wanna go for an 'older' milf wg for my first punt. Had Nicole diamond (same group as Sandra in hanger lane) in mind but she's still not back and I can't wait much  longer lol  :wacko:

Wanted to know if anybody familiar with this area, ie wembley, alperton, hanger lane, Sudbury, Harrow etc.. And know any good WGs? I don't mind paying up to 70 / 80 quid an hour since on a tight budget atm. I've had a look at AW using the search option.. But wanted your opinion on this area please.

Ideally she shouldn't be too big, have decent sized tits and offer services such as owo and fk / dfk

If you could share I'd appreciate it. Cheers!