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Author Topic: Does sex validate you?  (Read 415 times)

Offline Matium

Does sex validate you?

Does it give meaning to your life?

Do you find fulfilment with a WG that you can't find with a wife or girlfriend?

Or do you live for meaningless sex?

When your in the mood then i suppose its all things but being a fluffyish i dont think any sex is meaningless

Having sex is always enjoyable - it doesn't need any deeper meaning.  We just all need to be more willing to have more of it.


Offline oconnor

Of course sex validates us.  I would think it validates both sexes in the same way that having children validates some women - or perhaps those who can't have them would feel validated if they could ?  No??.......

There are men who have never had sex because they are too shy or too ugly - by their own definition - and by having sex with a prostitute they feel validated as men.

It's what we are programmed to do - the bits fit together whether you be Straight, Gay or Lesbian

Sex validates.  Yeah :yahoo:

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