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Hi I'm looking for some more info on Claire I can't seem to find a review, I have also read she is not seeing black guys can anyone confirm that is the case.

Thanks gents

Hmm I guess you read my topic about the Divas and Beauties of London then?

About Amazing Claire not seeing black guys, no now that she working in Wimbledon that not the case anymore. What I was saying before she came back again she was under a profile called Claire EE and in a group full of Romanian girls. In that group all the profile FAQ had the WG stated they do not see black guys.

When I saw that profile of Claire I was confuse since she had no problem to my knowledge seeing black guys. So I e-mailed her and asked and got a reply it was due to her location with the group and was terribly sorry for it.

Now that not a problem anymore since she left that shitty group of Romanian girls and is working I assume with another group that doesn't stop her seeing black guys.

Yes the Romanian group of WG are right to have a preference to who they see, but I don't and didn't like that they can make other follow that preference. I guess they still have a right since they own the place and have house rules but meh.

Wow that was a lot I didn't expect to write too much about this. So OP TL DR version it not a problem anymore and she changed her profile back to Amazing Claire this time it has a . in the middle so it Amazing.Claire. or

Saw her on Wednesday and it was just like catching up on old times especially taking shoes off first and such.  :D

Hmm reviews here I think there was one but search function is not working for me ATM.

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Thanks for the info  :dance:

If you saw her on Wednesday better write a review, if you don't wanna talk about it on the forum pm me I'd like to know a bit more about her.

I'm new nervous etc