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Author Topic: Busty Adriana - 1931316 - Croydon  (Read 3124 times)

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Offline Ludwig


I  saw this WG in August or September of last year when she was working out of a hotel in central Croydon. I see that she is still working on the same profile and that she has never been reviewed on UKP, so here is mine, albeit some time after the event...

Comms were okay (phone & text). She is Hungarian and her English was better than average. We'd agreed in advance a GFE with FK & OWO, @ £80 for an hour. No issues in being given the hotel room number, etc. We confirmed the agreed services, I paid her and then took a quick shower...

She is the lass in the photos. Her stated age of 33 is probably there or thereabouts, I'd maybe put her at mid-30s...

Lovely big boobs as per the photos...

Better than average OWO...

She was at least size 14 rather than the size 10 as described on the profile...

Kissing was closed-mouth & reluctant...

As we were about to move onto shagging, she claimed that she'd recently injured the muscles in her leg which would prevent her from doing cowgirl - one of my fave positions as it goes, especially with a WG with big boobs like her.  Even allowing that the claimed injury was not bullshit, if it prevents a WG from performing something as basic & routine on a punt as cowgirl, the WG should not take bookings; or at least make clear that services will be restricted (and adjust prices accordingly). Doggy lasted about 20 seconds before she claimed it was uncomfortable and asked to go straight to missionary...the missionary itself was unsatisfying, as she'd break the rhythm every few seconds to moan about her leg...in fact she moaned about it pretty much continuously for the remainder of the punt...

I'd been looking forward to this punt, or more specifically to interacting with those boobs - but the whole package and whingeing attitude which accompanied them was disappointing & off-putting...I wouldn't revisit, and I wouldn't recommend...

2 review(s) found for Busty Adriana linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Sorry Woodstock as I could of warned you but I wasn't a UKP Member when I saw her .

Classic deluded professional time-wasting gold-digger .

Great big tits but lazy and was more interested in talking .
I told her afterwards that she looked fantastic for 40 ......she hit the roof   :hi:

Online The_Don

Great big tits but lazy and was more interested in talking .
I told her afterwards that she looked fantastic for 40 ......she hit the roof   :hi:


Indeed taking if the punter wants it but most don't!

 I don't mind a chat but only If I feel good about the W/G

As for hitting the roof  :lol: 

Most W/G lie about age, I've seen a few that look younger and are truly beautiful (in my view)

Offline Ludwig

For info, this WG has recently started using this profile - https://www.adultwork.com/3069860 

From reading around UKP it would seem that up until a couple of weeks ago that profile was being used by a different Hungarian lass ...

Photos of Adriana and current profile :

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