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Author Topic: Central Scotland hotels  (Read 953 times)

Hi guys

I'm looking for some intel on hotels in Stirling or Falkirk  :)  You know the script - no keycards on the lift, abandoned reception, big enough to hide in etc.  :thumbsup: Looking for somewhere to have some fun but hate going down to let the girl in, and don't want her stopped at reception!!

Any ideas/recommendations gratefully received!  And cheapish - would rather spend the money on the girl than the room! :D


Offline Queynte

What cost/class of hotel r u looking for?

Hi ya

Not the Formule 1 at Polmont or whatever its called now ;) - Travelodge at the lower end?  Premier Inn price at the top?  so £30 to £80?  Like I said, rather spend it on the girl than the décor!!

I'm a local and looking for somewhere for a regular meet, so discretion and access more important than the ambience.  As long as it has a bed that doesn't squeak and a blind receptionist!  :D


Offline Queynte

Holiday in express is ok in Stirling. U go in door and bar, restaurant and lift r to left whil reception is on right. U go in and straight to left. Reception won't even look up to see u walk in

Hotel at Stirling Services is fine last time I went
Used by Neka when she was on tour
No keycards certainly

Thanks guys!! That's brilliant!!

Holiday Inn Express it is!!


Offline kink

see also Inchyra Grange hotel. been there many times with escorts and no problems.

Thanks Kink

Might give that a try - but more expensive but quality! Anyone recommend any local escorts?


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