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Author Topic: Horny Holly  (Read 1006 times)

Offline Mark76

Anyone seen her?


I've seen her on AW for a while but has very little feedback hence the question.
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Offline Iblisuk

This may be a completely pointless post.  :scare:

Not met Holly but have tried a few times rang her up to get availability as she only works a coupe of days, and she always seemed nice and friendly,,, even offering to hang on till I got there , but I was running late and didn't get the chance to meet up.

But If the telephone interaction is anything to go by should be a decent punt.

However I could be completely wrong.
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It's the Holly who worked at Bluebelles parlour. I've had a 30min session with her back then and she was pretty good and I think she had plenty of regulars.

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