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Author Topic: Kinky Alex  (Read 2334 times)

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I saw kinky Alex yesterday, she is new in bristol working in apartment near St Mary Redcliffe with at least one other girl. All polish, this place felt busy, doors going all the time. I called to book half  an hour, and asked for certain clothes and CIM as per profile and when told yes confirmed it via text . When I arrived,Alex greeted me looking ok but not wearing what we agreed. Also said CIM not possible. Apparently the fault of the young girl who manages the phones. Anyway I stayed but reluctantly. She is older than profile says and has had a child, but is slim and kinda pretty. Owo was ok ish sex was ok, but the condom broke midway. Not her fault but obvious stress for me. She was nice about it and is a friendly girl dispute only having a bit if English. Ok for £70 but I hope there is better this year !!

1 review(s) found for NEW_YOUNG _ALEX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Surprised you gave her a positive after that review........very generous of you!

Offline SirFrank

Surprised you gave her a positive after that review........very generous of you!

that's what I was thinking. she looks hot but sounds like a shit punt to me.

how did you know she had a kid? stretch marks etc? I had an amazing anal punt years ago on old mystiques bridgend with a girl called alex. I went back a year or two later and booked her again. she'd had a kid at this point - not only a gunt and stretch marks but lots of spare flesh. I never went back. I also only did her up the wrong un as her fanny looked like a hippos yawn at this stage. Did I ever tell you that I fucking hate myself??  ;)
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Offline Chinadoll

 :unknown: Sounds terrible and an undeserved Positive. too many lies and from the sounds of things this was again saved by a pretty face :blush:

undeserved? Probably, but she herself was nice, main problem is with the set up. It's why I dependants are usually best in my view.

Little man ruling the brain again! I hate it!!

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