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Author Topic: (TOFTT) New review for Helena’s adventure  (Read 4232 times)

19 review(s) for Helena's adventure (18 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline xsw21


Saw Helena and I was more than pleased. Her profiles a bit blank with only one pic and also a warning up. I asked her about the warning during the meeting and she told me that the warning appeared after she deleted her veri photo, but will be sorting it out soon. I’ve asked her a few times about getting some more pics up and she keeps telling me that she will once she gets some taken. I and some others were made aware of her by another reviewer, but as we all became a bit suspicious of him, the review became a bit useless when he got himself banned. I actually emailed her when the review was first posted and I’ve been chatting to her through email ever since, which slowly convinced me that she is 100% real and legit.

Short summery for those who just want a quick run through of the service.

2hr session
The communication was Great, superb English. In fact, her written English is better than mine.
Location – she works from a house in a little bedroom and I didn’t get any dodgy vibes from the area.
On her profile it says she’s 5’6’’ and in heels she came up to the same height as me, which is 5’9’’.
Very pretty with short blonde hair, you won’t be disappointed by her beauty. She’s Sexy, slim, size 10 probably smaller, nice breasts and a nice clean shaven pussy.
Great Deep French kissing.
Covered blowjob, which I don’t mind as long as it’s mentioned in the profile and she definitely has good skills.
She allows fingering.
I didn’t get the whole you’re too big routine.
She doesn’t smoke as she recently quit and had nice clean breath.
I have no idea which part of Eastern Europe she’s from, I never asked because the only thing that matters to me is the service.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s is ok with covered blowjobs.

Looooong review for those who want the dirty details.

I’ve been in contact with Helena for about a month now and she always replies fairly quickly and happily answers any questions. We agreed on a date to meet and I decided to book her for 2hrs. I live in maidenhead and the journey took me 2.5hrs which sounds completely crazy, I know, but it was definitely worth it. I wouldn’t usually travel that long to see any escort, but Helena seems different to other escorts and it shows in the way she replies to emails. It’s hard to explain, but her friendly attitude is precisely what sold her to me. There’s just something about her…

She gave me the address and I was on my way. Once my journey started, I began to wonder if it was even worth me traveling this far for an escort and hand on heart, I can honestly say, that it definitely was. I explained to her that I was a bit nervous about getting lost once I got off the tube so she offered me assistance on which buses to catch and said she would happily guide me to her place by phone when I got off the bus. It wasn’t needed in the end as I found her place without a problem thanks to google.

I finally reached her place and wasn’t sure what to expect as the house didn’t look that great in the google maps pic, but that picture is defiantly out of date because the house looks just fine. Helena already sent me a face pic so I knew what she looked like, but when she opened the door I was completely blown away! She looks so much better in person and has an incredible slim body. She has amazing eyes, a lovely smile and I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. She invited me in and we chatted for a bit on the bed. Her bedroom is fairly small, but not so small that you can’t move. The bed is a single and well, let’s just say it’s rather interesting :)

When the chatting stopped, we moved in closer to kiss and WOW what a kisser! The kissing was deep, sensual, and very intimate. I was still clothed in a vest and jeans; Helena was wearing the gift I bought her, a pair of bodystockings. We continued kissing and I pushed Helena back on to the bed. I was on top of her nibbling away on her neck and she seemed to love it. We stayed like that for a good 10mins or so before we rolled over for Helena to straddle me. The kissing and nibbling continued when Helena’s breathing changed and she started dry humping me. I ran my fingers over and around her body as we kissed. She looked great in the bodystockings, but they were in my way a little bit so I removed the top part of the outfit and took her bra off to reveal her lovely breasts. I’m not a fan of big breasts and a handful is perfect for me so Helena’s breasts were a dream to me. I had a little suck and nibble on them, which I loved, but Helena doesn’t really have sensitive nipples so focused on other areas instead. I removed my vest at this point and we carried on kissing. Helena was having a great time and her dry humping was making me harder and harder. As I moved my hands down her back to her ass, I slipped my hands in to her panties to get a feel of her ass. It felt lovely so I moved my hand further down towards her pussy, I felt she was soaking wet already! No lube needed with this girl guys…

We continued kissing, but now I was aware that Helena was dripping wet and I wanted to remove the rest of the outfit. We took off the bottom half of the bodystockings and pulled the panties off. I took my jeans off too. Helena was on her back now and I on my side next to her. I had her completely naked now, legs open so I kissed her and moved my right hand down to her pussy and she was very wet indeed. I had to ask her if that was genuine or had she pre-lubed, but she assured me it was genuine. I kissed her again and nibbled her neck while I fingering and rubbing her clit with my right hand. She absolutely loved it, moans and breathing increased. She was having a hard time controlling her pleasure and she gripped me tight with her arms. I had to ask myself, ‘’who’s having a better time, me or her?’’.
I’m pretty sure that was the first time she cummed in our session and she confirmed that later on.

She clearly wanted cock now because she had her hand in my boxers stroking my dick. She pulled out her hand, put her fingers in her mouth to grab some saliva and went back into my boxers with moistened fingers. That was so hot to watch!!! At this point I had to let her grip my dick properly so I took my boxers off. We rolled back over and she sat on me again. We kissed a bit more and she gave me a light hand job while I explored her body with my hands. She then moved down to my cock to give me a blowjob (protected) and it felt great. She didn’t rush, went at a good pace, mixed in wanking along with some nice tongue action. In between working the head, she went in deep about half way. I then asked her if she could go all the way down to the base as I haven’t witnessed a girl do that yet and the answer was ‘’I will try’’.
She gave it a good few try’s and got most of it in. she gaged a few times and let out streams of saliva, my dick was completely soaked in her spit now. She tried her hardest, but the last 1.5inchs was not gonna go down so she continued to suck away.

It was time for the sex to start so she put my dick in. we fucked away in the cowgirl position and at no point did we stop kissing. She was body to body with me the whole time as she rocked back and forth on my dick. I could feel myself getting close to cumming so I needed to gain control of myself.

I rolled her over into the mish position and again it was much the same as before. Our bodies were stuck together the whole meeting and there wasn’t a time when we weren’t kissing. I fucked her for a good while in mish, legs over my shoulder, legs apart, legs wrapped around me and legs in the air. I fucked her in many different variations, slow, fast, different angles and pushed the full length of my dick in to her deep, but I must have hit the cervix when I did that as it was painful for her so I refrained from doing it again. She was having an incredible time because her breathing was all over the place, and she showed her genuine enjoyment by gripping me tightly, kissing and nibbling me around my neck, chest and shoulders. The urge to cum was under my control again so we switched positions.

The last position of the meeting was cowgirl again so we rolled over. I just laid back with her body on mine and let her have her way with my dick whilst I kissed her. She absolutely loved it as she grinded away in different variations on my dick. I was happy to leave her to enjoy my dick and she most certainly did enjoy it. She was sweating all over her body with the enjoyment which was so sexy. Eventually I noticed what a mess she had made on and around my groin. She absolutely soaked me with her pussy juice, my dick was soaked, the lower part of my belly was soaked, and my balls were dripping in pussy juice. That was such a turn on and I’ve never known a girl to get so wet…. I LOVED IT!!

I was ready for some more bj action and she went back down to do her thing. She once again tried to deep throat my whole length, but still didn’t manage it. I love her for trying though. The blowjob was fantastic again, but I wanted to cum without the condom so she gave me a hand job to finish. She let out a stream of spit on my dick and then pulled some more saliva from her mouth with her fingers and started giving me a lovely wet hand job. She gives a good hand job, wanking the whole length and then just wanking the head. She noticed that wanking the head made me twitch and wriggle about so she took advantage of it. I pulled her hand away a few times, but she just went straight back to the head. She probably liked that it drove me crazy when she wanked the head and enjoyed the power of making me wriggle with one hand. I eventually conceded and let her have her way with me and she went at it. Helena turned into a complete minx over the duration of the session and the highlight was at the end when she curled up on her side next to me like a purring kitten, kissing the side of my body and wanking away on the head of my penis. She finally got me right on the edge and her technique was so intense that I was forced to curl around her too. Both curled in a ball, I could feel I was about to cum and finally I came really hard. I like the stimulation to continue when I’m Cumming and Helena seemed to know that without me telling her and she just kept tossing away until every last drop was out.

We both lost track of time in the throes of passion and I ran over my allotted time, but Helena didn’t at any point rush me out. She told me that she had an outcall in 1.5hrs so she needed to get ready for that. I felt bad for running over time so I wanted to get out of her hair as quick as possible so I never asked for a shower. I’m single so no problem with being clean for the wife/gf…. I can just shower when I get home ;)

I’ve only been punting for a year now and only seen 5 escorts in that time. Two were terrible, one boring and the other ok. Helena was the fifth and the best escort I’ve been with. Helena and I have been chatting for about a month now and we did become quite friendly before we actually met. Maybe that’s why the sex was so good or maybe we just have good chemistry so I don’t know if she’s like that with every punter, but if she is, she’s an incredible find. I may have developed a slight crush for Helena after that meeting and will definitely see her again!

If Helena worked on her profile a bit, added some fresh pics and sorted out that warning, she would be one of those girls that’s very much in demand. Then again, she only started escorting in November so there’s plenty of time for her to blossom. If that’s what she’s like after 2 months, I can’t wait to see what she’ll be like in 6 months. Let’s hope she doesn’t get jaded and stays humble because that’s her best-selling point….

I definitely recommend her and I only hope you get the same service I did….

Helena’s adventure gets 9/10 from me, owo would have made it 10….

Happy punting fellas ;)

19 review(s) found for Helena's adventure linked to in above post (18 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Ass-Bo

Wow she sounds good and I agree OWO is must, however it does say on her profile she does do OWO but just not on the 1st meet so there is hope for it on 2nd/3rd punt (hopefully) :angelgirl:

thanks for TOFTT.


Yes thanks for the review - OWO is a must for me as i find it difficult to stay hard with the rubber on at best of times.

Maybe put her on the HL and check for later if in the area.

Offline xsw21

No problem, I’m happy to do my bit  :thumbsup:

Just glad I finally got to experience a good escort as I was losing faith in punting after every wg I tried left me disappointed… :yahoo:

Offline vorian

Thanks for the review excellent sounds like a good punt. I also liked the style and format, must remember that for the future.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline Luke

Long review to read but seems nice, the only odd thing I noticed she has gangbangs in her likes

Offline vorian

Long review to read but seems nice, the only odd thing I noticed she has gangbangs in her likes

I think and I maybe wrong that some WG leave gang bang as a like so party hosts can search and see who might be open to a suggestion of booking with them for an event. It also saves party hosts having to send loads of emails out and get told no most of the time.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline Festisio

Can you ask her to put some more photos up.

That one is shite.

Offline xsw21

Can you ask her to put some more photos up.

That one is shite.

I was chatting to her last night and she’s now uploaded a new pic… only the one, but it’s a lot better than the last one…. :thumbsup:

Offline vorian

I was chatting to her last night and she’s now uploaded a new pic… only the one, but it’s a lot better than the last one…. :thumbsup:

It's a lot better but more would be helpful
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline intpro

Met up with her yesterday in her small studio apartment for 1.5 hours, was my first ever punt and she was excellent. Very friendly girl who took control and was helpful.

Fingered her deep which she enjoyed very much and loved kissing at all times including a nice goodbye kiss. If anyone intends to meet up with her, try out her massage and assisted shower.

The only thing is that her AW picture is most probably not her, in that picture she looks quite trashy, but in person she is much hotter. Very pleased :)

Offline jamesblue

Im thinking of seeing her but am only really into very slim girls. Her AW pic is right up my street- very petite figure with really slim legs. If that is not her in her current AW photo, is the real Helena just as slim and small framed?

A quick response would be great as I have an itch and want to avoid disappointment. Thanks

Offline xsw21

Go satisfy your itch fella, you won’t be disappointed…

She is slim and cute so don’t worry, that’s definitely her in the picture, 100%  ;)

Somehow I missed this review. Looks decent.
I'll visit her myself this weekend if I can and leave my first review here  :thumbsup:


great review - love the fact every review is confirming GFE.
was thinking of an overnighter with her.
is she very energetic in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions?

Offline xsw21

We never did reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl was more grinding than bouncing so I’m not sure sash… I would say it’s a more of intimate experience with her so not really any hardcore fucking…  :)

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