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Author Topic: petite-blonde  (Read 10862 times)

5 review(s) for blonde_lucy (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Saw her in January in Willisden green was a 2 min drive from station roughly, but we went to a cafe first so could be a lot easier to get to by walking directly from station.


She seemed to have a decent body from the AW pics - is she facially good looking as well ?

Yeah she was a pretty girl, didn't smother the make up on like a lot of girls.

Offline scooby73

So tempted now but just so far away from me :(

Has anyone viewed her pg?

If so how's her face? Anyone have the pic saved?


+1 would love to see a face pic as well

Offline king tarzan

She is based in willesden..
see her quite regularly, easy going attitude, very clean woman, always dresses when i request, immediately deep tongue kissing and go very deep into GFE encounter, hot and intimate experience with her always...
Fit body, love her firm perky breasts, licking and kissing them is heaven...
Her mango is just so delicious, sex missionary, doggy, cow girl is always absolutely super awesome!!!

Physical appearance 8/10
attitude 10/10
GFE services 8/10 (would be 10, but sadly no owo now)

Online mrhappypants

I am still none the clearer on this girl; inconsistent photos, "one-off" reviewers, unclear services.

Offline DrAmir

I saw her few months back
She's more nearer Kendal green than Willesden
She no way looks like those pics
She is more towards a size 10-12 and tall
V friendly disposition and good service but definitely not anywhere like those pics

Offline DrAmir

Online mrhappypants

I have reported this review to admin suggesting it is touting.


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