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Author Topic: Sweet Chantell 1883069 Old Street/Hoxton  (Read 3911 times)

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Offline mrhappypants


https://www.adultwork.com/1883069 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+CHANTELLE+xxx

It has been a bit of a journey for me with Chantelle.  She was actually my second ever punt back in April and, at the time, I was bit disappointed with her looks and wondered if I had been subject to a B&S.  So why my interest?  Well, she is local, the half hourly rate is good (£60) and she has consistently good reviews. 

First time out I couldn’t figure out if the girl I saw was Chantelle or

https://www.adultwork.com/2052037 or https://www.adultwork.com/lawhore%2Dsamantha

So yesterday, finding myself with a half hour to spare, I booked her again.  Either she has lost weight and looks much better with her hair down, or this is a better looking sister.  Doobie4U was kind enough to send me the pictures in her private gallery but I am still none the wiser. I know it sounds stupid that I cannot be sure but I can’t, and I would be interested in any other views. 

As before, all coms are by text.  Based on my experience, I would not bother trying to book the day before as I think she is on the day and take your chances.

She has moved from the “flat over the kebab shop” near Old Street.  She is now slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch half way between Old Street and Hoxton tube as part of a big council block.

She is a small buxom girl size 8, nice big boobs with bleached blond hair.  I might say cute but I would not say a pretty face.  Nice attitude and reasonable presentation in pink lingerie.  I went for a Happypants special; HR, then + OWO, then + prostrate to CIM all delivered with skill and commitment.  I’ll be back. 

There was male voice in the next room.  It did not sound like English. 

She is certainly a good value punt for the area.  I still regret the retirement of Nynasexy who was by the Regents canal; fantastic boobs and a good blowjob for sixty quid.  Chantelle is in the same mould, better service and similar value (but I miss those boobs).
Anyone who knows of better value in the area; please publish or PM me links! 

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Have a good one


22 review(s) found for Sweet CHANTELLE xxx linked to in above post (18 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)
1 review(s) found for lawhore-samantha linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

I tried to see her when she was "above the kebab shop".  I had booked her and she texted me to tell me to come 45 minutes later than we originally planned turned.  I was already on my way at this point so stopped for a pint in a nearby pub.  After that made my way over to the kebab shop and the door next to it, leading to a staircase to the upstairs flat was wide open but she didn't answer my calls and there appeared to be nobody inside.  After a few months I have forgiven her (;)) and was thinking about maybe booking her again but I'm now put off slightly by the new location which you describe.  "Part of a big council block".  No thanks.  I don't like punting in such areas where there are a lot of people around.  Also, if I have a shit punt I go for a kebab afterwards to cheer myself up / cry into my pita.  The old place would have been perfect for this!  :hi: :hi:

Offline mrhappypants

LL, Your choice of course I thought the block fine, although I did go during the day.  I did spot a chicken and burger place nearby, not sure if they serve kebabs :D

Offline mrhappypants

PS  Just back and I can confirm there is a kebab shop just opposite.  :lol:

Offline waltwalt

saw her when she was around hammersmith and more recently above the kebab shop. Always had a good time. I'd recommend her.

Offline mrhappypants

Back there again after a long break and I am again impressed.  She's looking good for some cycling and giving up smoking.  Very good service and I am feeling lucky she is local.  £60 half hour at Old Street. Can anyone recommend a local kebab shop for LL?


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