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Author Topic: Monika Colombian in Croydon  (Read 1185 times)

Offline pumps

I saw her Twice when she was working in streatham not twice because i enjoyed it...twice because i was drunk and it was 2am friday/saturday night and she answered the phone.

The Photos of the tits are accurate, but id say shes much older 45 absolute minimum.

owo extra £20, she kissed she didnt clock watch from what i could tell in my drunken state  :D

After a pause on the phone today she told me she was 29 lol

Offline pumps

Pumps,  does she have the Latino booty ?  Are the boobs obviously fake? Ridiculously firm?

Offline pumps

honestly the body is crap, no arse or legs shes getting on abit.

But tits are pretty good and i hate fake boobs with a passion, she has nice chunky nipples for sucking on too.

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