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Author Topic: Madlin Moon and KristenDD  (Read 7622 times)

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NHS, so it was free. Only problem is the counselling I'm going to need. The waiting list for that is 6 weeks.

I booked Madlin based on the many positive reports on UKP. I had been aware of her film work, and knew that she escorted, but in my experience, porn stars often make for disappointing escorts (few exceptions of course), so probably wouldn't have booked her without the information on this site, so thank you all!  :hi:

Rendevouz with KDD and then arrived at Madlin's smart location a few minutes walk from the tube. First impressions, wow!!! beautiful woman, fantastic body, and very warm and welcoming to us both. KDD knows what she likes when it comes to women lol and when we were freshening up she said to me "can't wait to get my hands on her!"

I had a rough roleplay in mind, but to be honest it all just dissolved into a very fun threesome. I have to say that Madlin is one of the most sensuous and erotic women I've met. Those are not words that a hardcore punter like me uses often, but Madlin has those qualities. Did I mention her body? :D KDD and I were all over her, licking those beautiful perky tits while Madlin stroked my cock (magic hands!) and then KDD showed off her ever impressive DT skills while Madlin and I indulged in really full on and passionate DFK..nothing fake or reluctant about how Madlin kisses!

Then KDD got her wish and sunk her tongue into Madlin's gorgeous pussy while I got behind KDD and actually went straight for her arse! :D It all got quite frantic at that point and I had to slow down a bit , swapping over to KDD's pussy while she carried on licking away. I really, really wished I could have booked longer, two fantastic women, totally up for it, this is how threesomes should be! Other highlights were Madlin using a huge toy on KDD while KDD deep throated me and Madling giving me an amazing BJ while KDD rimmed me. Madlin sitting her peachy ass (one of the best I've seen) on my (frankly dying by this stage) cock while KDD sat on my face grinding her very wet pussy on my tongue..getting hard thinking about it..give me a minute :D

I eventually spunked a load over KDD's  DD's lol which the girls happily shared and then made KDD squirt an impressive amount which I think Madlin enjoyed seeing :)

I couldn't do anymore honestly despite the girls best efforts (no clockwatching at all) it was a lot to take in even for an old pervert like me :D The contrast of their two bodies, both just gorgeous, will stay in my mind for a long time. Next time, at least three hours are called for!

Madlin is simply beautiful, a wonderful woman, and an excellent escort, certainly one of the best I've seen. You lot don't need me to tell you any more about KDD :D..she was simply superb. How she maintains that consistency I have no idea.  These two ladies are at the very top of their game and I have no doubt that anybody would have a good time with them.

With the kind permission of both ladies, there is one picture that is on KDD's twitter - @MissKristenDD -  I'll just be clear that I have been asked not to share any others privately and will respect that wish, so will appreciate not being asked, thank you! :hi:

https://www.adultwork.com/2121051 or https://www.adultwork.com/Madlin+Moon+Pornstar

https://www.adultwork.com/1704556 or https://www.adultwork.com/kristenDD

Hat doffed, twitter pic is great, is there a word that combines 'happy for you' and 'lucky bastard'?

How long did that take to put together?

27 review(s) found for MadlinMoonXXX linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
88 review(s) found for MissKDD linked to in above post (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online hendrix

Hat doffed, twitter pic is great, is there a word that combines 'happy for you' and 'lucky bastard'?

How long did that take to put together?

Thanks  :hi: not too long. I asked both ladies just before Christmas I think, and Madlins London dates were fine with KDD' s outcall availability, so pretty straightforward.

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