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Author Topic: Anyone seen xxx Hannah xxx ?  (Read 1727 times)

Has anyone seen Hannah? She is back and been on hot list for a while

https://www.adultwork.com/1928688 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxx+Hannah+xxx

Is she good value for money or just a cheap average punt?

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Offline Corus Boy

Sorry, I can't help.

Please report back if you go for it.

Offline dj3k

Yes, she's very nice and works at same flat as Nicky and Carla in Cardiff Bay. English limited but good service and good oral.

Thanks for that info and I am going to pay her a visit on the strength of that
Will report back

Deed done, check out review. All done in the interest of community spirit  :cool:


Offline SirPhilipXX

Excellent report - you managed to get a lot done in 30 min (or a little over)!

She sets the bar high for Nicky and Carla but I think they are up for that challenge.

Who says EE girls are a letdown?

Offline jawill

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Online aardvark

Looks a nice girl

Strange, I am sure that when I saw this post earlier, you were suggesting that she used to offer bareback on her profile.   Having seen her very recently myself and having kept an eye on her profile for some time time without seeiing BB offered, I was going to ask you to substantiate this accusation.

Offline jawill

I made a mistake. A girl called Hannah oxoxo in Cardiff used to .... I got thought it was the same girl, then realised I'd make a n error

Guys, just a heads up, if you plan on seeing Hannah then you need to do it quick. She told me last night that she goes home on Tuesday and probably wont be back til October. Glad I had a good session with her last night.

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