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Offline conman10

This one wasted my time, made a booking to see her, she said she would book a hotel, but later said could we go halves. As she seemed nice on the phone i said no problems.

I turned up at the agreed hotel bang on time, to receive a text saying she was running late. Again, no problems, i was happy she kept me informed. She said she was not far away and would be there soon.

Half an hour later, nothing and i was starting to get cold. So i text her to say as she is so late i will cancel and we can re-arrange. She said she was 6 mins away. I said ok, ill wait, but if any longer id have to go as i had plans later, which i did.

I gave her another 10 mins, still nothing, so i start the car and was about to leave the car park (with one entrance/exit) and i get a text saying she is there! Now, i didnt see any car arrive so i text back saying i cant see her and she rings me up to say she isnt there yet, but about 20 seconds away. 5 mins elapse, no sign, so i  drive off, then i get another  phone call saying she just parking up. By this time im thinking she is wasting my time, which is further confirmed when she says she hasnt yet booked the hotel!! I tell her im not waiting, it will only take 2 mins to book a room, if she gets it ill turn back so call me when booked and ill be 5 mins, but im not sitting on my arse any longer.

She never called so i assume she got off on me just waiting around like an idiot.

Her feedback is positive, but i was a bit sceptical as it was too positive.

If you try and book her, bear this report in mind guys.


1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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