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Author Topic: mia gea  (Read 1443 times)

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Offline ik

booked mia from glasgow escor agency which is the same as glasgow city escorts last night.

pretty young lady with petite body a size 6 but lovely boobs and bum. as reported before she has a day job and is quite new to escorting, paying off debts and saving for a holiday. top marks for looks. timid i had to take the lead and she kisses nicely and quite deep. owo not very deep but she tasted great in reverse she got quite wet and allowed a little anal play.not passionate but a decent service from good looking girl. as i moved to sex she said she had left the condoms in her car park quite away so no sex. really dissapointted. she continued with light owo but said deep throat and cim not available although this is on her profile _ as are a levels which she doesn't offer. anyway finished off on her nice tits and she left early.

spoke to agency about being short changed and they promise to get in touch. maybe a discount on next booking. we'll see how good and agency they are

Offline Tjkooker

Sorry buddy but that must be a negative. She duped you. 
GEA are always a bit inventive with the service list. I only ever went expecting basic services. Which for £150 really isn't good enough anymore. There are plenty that do it all for £130 or less.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline Thehun10

I have seen her before and I am not completely surprised.
She is turning into a bit of a con artist.
She is good at DFK but she tried to jerk me off as soon as she could. Also tried to get out of owo even though we agreed.
I hooker not bringing a condom? Unbelievable.
I think she is just not worth the bother, a total con artist.
I would say Big Negative and Avoid.

Offline Wee Man

Thanks for the heads up, she was on my "To Do" list.

I tried to book her a couple of weeks ago but she was booked out. I was disappointed at the time but it looks as though I was lucky!

Offline seeker

The op should have asked for his money back if she had no condoms w.t.f.
I'd have phoned the agency and explained the situation he would have at least got half back .
And yes I have done this . :hi:

Offline ik

yes i did  text the agency once she left and called them the next day. i asked for a discount on my next booking but the guy said it wasn't his agency and his boss would call me back. that was two days ago!

Offline seeker

I phoned the agency whilst the firl was still there , explained the situation and she was  told by the agency to sort it out there and then ...which she did ...
I would have preferred to complete the booking as she was nice but unable to provide the basic services that day .
She has since left the agency. ..they have a very high turnover rate .

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