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Author Topic: Is a threesome punt worth it?  (Read 4512 times)

Tony Montana

Anyone know of any Duo partners In The South West

Check out cassandra4you and alisya4you. Sorry cant link - on phone

Offline DaveMugabe

Not worth it rather have 2 punts

I try and carry enough dosh with me for FFM in case the lady I visit turns out to suggest that she can supply a companion on the day when I call on the road or she has a companion when I turn up!

In the old days that might have been foreseeable in a parlour whether another worker or even a receptionist.


Offline dino1990

amazing if you get 2 genuine bi girls, shit if you get two straight girls saying they are bi. Also only worth it if the girls don't mind the same rubber being used on them. Kills the mood when you ave to keep changing rubbers.


Yes def worth it with the right girls - I have had 6x 3somes - 2 excellent - 1 average and 3 pretty shit as the girls were not bi.

It only works well if the girls really like each other and they kiss and lick pussy.

I do not care if they kiss or lick each other. I wish to be the centre of their attention!

Roland D Hay

They have a tendency to be by far the biggest thrill or disappointment, choose carefully!

Offline Roth

Check out cassandra4you and alisya4you. Sorry cant link - on phone


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