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Author Topic: Jenna from yummyasian  (Read 881 times)

Offline msrx5xw3


she has has a video in her profile, a A bit expensive, but looks very hot. Is yummyasian trustworthy? Has any one seen her? any suggestion?

Offline hendrix

I've only seen a TS from that agency. They were efficient overall and accurate about services. The pics are obviously shopped, but not excessively so, and the videos are useful for a more accurate likeness.

Offline msrx5xw3

Her videos seems not far from her picture, just a bit worried that she is from a agency specialises in TS ladies, because I am not in to that at all.

I agree with Hendrix - only seen TS from there, but both were gorgeous, pics only slightly photoshopped. I think the fact that in many cases they are happy to put videos of the TS girls on their website tells you a lot about their willingness to be genuine about the appearance of the girls they're offering.

I've had 10+ years of seeing almost exclusively Thai wgs and based on her pics and the video I'd be really surprised if she isnt a post op TS

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