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Author Topic: Lizzie of Gateshead  (Read 1417 times)

Does anyone remember her?



Used to work out of the new apartments next to Askew Road on the Gateshead aside of the Quayside I believe.

Don't think she's still working?

Offline alpha68

Certainly remember Lizzie and I made reference to her on a recent post.

Very attractive girl who it seemed was only in "the business" for the short term, probably due to financial circumstances.

Must have visited her maybe 5-6 times and even though I suspected she wouldn't be around for long, was disappointed when she vanished from the radar.

If I remember correctly, she worked through Amour and Dollybirds and as an independent.

Ah, happy days.

Offline Lambada

She was actually my first ever punt, wouldn't mind seeing her again. Shame that she seems to have gone now.

Saw some comments from her on the SAAFE forum about how work had massively dried up and she was sat on the sofa, twiddling her thumbs and waiting for the phone to ring. I think she had kids and it was definitely a temporary thing to address financial issues.

She also looked like she's lost weight over time. I remember her earlier pics where she was quite curvy and then her more recent pics (in the links) where she was slimmer?

Shame she retired. Was she a good punt? Her jugs looked superb?

Offline alpha68

She was excellent. Really pretty, pleasant to chat too and very much "the girl next door".
She did lose some weight over the year or so I was visiting, but nothing drastic.
Boobs were very nice, probably around a DD or E, as stated on profile.

Doubt she'll return but you never know.

Wasn't she working out of Ochre Yards in Gateshead?

I gather she was also a fan of always dressing up???  :thumbsup:

Offline alpha68

Yes, Ochre Yards.

Don't know about dressing up.......usually (very nice) black lingerie and stockings for me.

That's what I meant  :)

She must have only been about 21ish?

Did she ever entertain the back door?

Offline alpha68

21 probably about right.

As for "A"........I would doubt it.

Only ever had covered oral, then finish over her tits; which is what I tend to go for normally.
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