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Author Topic: Hot_Sissy  (Read 3042 times)

16 review(s) for Sexy-Sisi (12 positive, 4 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline drwho

Enjoyed some very nice sex with Sissy earlier on Sunday.

This is the part of the original review applicable to my experiences with Sissy:


the service she provided was first rate. Lots and lots of dfk, fingering, loved playing with her toys for me to watch and use , great blow job, sex in numerous positions, did everything I asked so in that respect, can't fault her. We were at it the full hour without a hint of clock watching. Nice guidance on her part, asking what I liked, telling me what she liked as well.
 https://www.adultwork.com/1209614 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot%5FSissy

Saw Hot Sissy for the second time within a month...She's a lovely lady, I'd recommend (as would the other 111 positive FBs, presumably)

I haven't experienced this level of communication (physical and otherwise) with a WG for some time.

Nice flat, no moody characters to deal with.
I'd requested Sissy to wear long boots and a short skirt. She was all set this way when I arrived.

Though I admit I noticed the off-white teeth last time around, this time I didn't notice them at all. So they were either whitened or I just didn't notice. A bigger fear to me was the long hairs I'd noticed last time coming out of each of her nipples: but again fortunately there was no sign of these, this time.
(Sissy could have a Field Day describing which of my orifices sprout unwanted hair... :rolleyes:)

A similar start to last time:
Me naked in the bedroom after a shower: Standing kissing, enjoying a good grope before one by one losing each of Sissy's remaining clothes.
(Can't empthasise enough how good Sissy's kissing is.)
Then getting down to  prolonged reverse oral on the sofa. (Beautiful, clean pussy. Trimmed but not shaven)

Her patter with me is basically how I'm 'not like all the other guys'  (or words to that effect- sorry to spoil any illusion if you've also been enjoying this reaction from her :P)

She makes a real effort to massage your ego, and 'GFE' doesn't go far enough to describe her service.
Lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement to stuff I'd been doing so far. Initially I'd assumed her English comprehension wasn't that great, but she proved me wrong by her reactions as our session continued.

Looks wise- the pictures are very accurate. Very thin, but shapely body. Lovely ass. Yes her tits are pretty small, but the nipples are something else (another Field Report appropriately describes them as 'bullets')
Admittedly, I personally positively discriminate in favour of Asian birds, so will generally go with older, less perfect women if they are oriental or Indian. However, I don't feel like I was compromising with Sissy, especially taking into account the attention in her service.

Great kissing; spontaneous, passionate foreplay; then on to the best sex I've had for a very long time: Standing up at the edge of the bed, propped up against the sofa, managed to pick her up and carry on while standing. Missionary; Doggy; Missionary again, RO in between.

Don't know if it was a result of the LSAP party I went to on Friday where I had 3 pops, but I found I was lasting well on this one, so had to address the issue with Sissy, as this was only a £60/30 minute booking.
She'd not said anything, but I could tell I probably wouldn't be cumming for a while at the rate we were going, so suggested a hand job from her,  then took things into my own hands, with a COB finish, accidentally splashing my face in the process, and unfortunately getting some of Sissy's hair wet too.

Went slightly over time, yet no pressure to go home.
More snogging, chat, shower and more chat. GFE doesn't come close..

Sorry but a bit blissed out on this one as you probably can tell :rolleyes:

16 review(s) found for Sexy-Sisi linked to in above post (12 positive, 4 neutral, 0 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline Duke L

Glad you enjoyed it mate. As I said, can't fault her work ethic. If she's sorted her teeth, which it sounds like she has, I'd definitely consider her for a plan b.
As it stands though, money's tight and I've got Dee booked for a couple of weeks and plenty more on the hotlist!

Offline drwho

Third time within a month with Sissy again tonight.
Nicely done up in leather look leggings and high heels at my request...mmmnn, too good.

Her manner and service are what have really made the last bookings what they were though, rather than just looks alone.

Maybe should cool off with her for a while now
Always good to 'rediscover' a gem at a later stage

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