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Author Topic: Prices hikes  (Read 4711 times)

And its not like a normal business where your prices and revenues go up with time.
As a wg ages, she has to drop dates or widen services

Or appeal to older punters? 

Offline adindas

I don't disagree with you but why £300 and not £250 or £200 or £50. What sets the figure.

Very simple explanation.
If it is not really important for a WG whether or not she has a client within a week or so (say) then she could charge much higher then the market price. She could still expect someone overseas visitors or someone without local knowledge will come.

Evidence of this;
- We often see WGs complaining that their phone went dusty ...
- In the meanwhile, Romanians or Hungarians who are here just for very sort period will often drop their price to maximize return. It is take patient to book them they are receiving booking back to back. Often you have to wait outside even you have made an apportionment on particular time ...

Indecent proposal is just entertainment movie and of course exaggerating that someone is willing to pay a million dollar for sleeping with a lady. But if you interested in shagging someone wife who are not a WG do not expect the rate that you normally pay with a WG. Worst case you might be sitting in a court ... 
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