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Author Topic: New experience - Soho Walk up  (Read 56202 times)

Offline the_exile

I've had a few girls in Soho, one I got on really well with & saw her over several years. Good for a longer session as well as a quickie, in my experience, just down to finding someone who ticks your boxes.

While on one hand I didn't tend to notice much about what was going on outside the room when I was having sex, I did like the sleazy feel to it - knowing the maid was just next door watching the telly while I was fucking the girl like crazy & the next punter could most likely hear us at it. Good naughty fun!

Offline lovingfacials

In London this week/weekend for work/neeting anyone got an idea what time the soho walkup starts? I fancy a quick dump before my 10am meeting...............any of them start early on a sat?

Offline Steve2

You might be a bit early for them. Normally after 11am they start surfacing

Offline af1231

if you want to look up who is working in soho and where then have a look at this new site i Just created. www.sohoscene.tk

*if I am not allowed to link then sorry mods. Please remove*

Just had a look at Soho site. May I suggest that the when reviews are posted there is also the date?
By the way, are there any British girls, or are the all foreign?

Offline af1231

Only british girl is Lucy who works Monday at 70a Berwick Street. The nationalities will be added at a later date as I believe some of the info on the old wiki is not true. I will add an option for the date to the reviews as well.

I don't suppose you know if Dee Dee will ever be back working again in Soho? (miss that lady!!)

Dee Dee is back and working Wednesdays

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