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Author Topic: WGs and their IDs  (Read 516 times)

Offline Whitebeer

Not sure whether there are many punters out there that look at the Veri Pic but some have their IDs quite visible which could be used for all sorts of reasons.
The question is are they stupid or is AW breaking the DPA?

Offline Daffodil

They're stupid  :hi:

This topic has been mentioned before. Often when the prossie is informed they just tick a box and the picture vanishes.

Offline CatBBW

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AW asks for 2 things to verify you: 1) a face pic with you holding a piece of paper with your AW number, and 2) a scan of your official ID with photo - passport etc. Any lady who shows her official ID on the face pic either hasn't understood AW's clear instructions, OR her pimp didn't care, OR she's used her official ID on her face pic.

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