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Author Topic: XXX CHARLOTTE XXX / Castleford  (Read 7483 times)

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Offline wristjob

https://www.adultwork.com/411799 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX+CHARLOTTE+XXX

I saw Charlotte before Christmas so a bit late on the report but here goes. I guess her main selling points are the fact it's £60/hour with OWO/CIM/Swallow all included and she's got a huge pair of tits. Dream come true. The downsides are Castleford is a pain to get to, she's hard to get hold of and only works office hours. Anyway I booked her for an hour @ £60.

her AW pics are a bit misleading. I'd say she's slightly chubbier but in a very untoned kind of way, and her tits are about twice the size. Anyway she let me in and she was wearing some kind of nightie type thing. To be honest it just wasn't good.

Anyway we sorted the cash - no shower facilities there - and I undressed. The BJ was pretty much unenthusiastic an largely hands and barely touching my cock. When I did come she didn't have her mouth that close to it. I guess you could call it swallowing but it stretches the definition. After a short rest we repeated the process only this time I don't think there was any real attempt at a CIM.

Charlotte is a nice enough girl but has a very "old lady" type demeanour. Everything was just a bit nervy and unenthusiastic. She has a lot of AW feedback and a few decent reviews elsewhere but I won't be going back.

3 review(s) found for XXX CHARLOTTE  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Roland D Hay

That's interesting because she was on my hotlist to see last year and I ruled her out after she failed to respond to my contact. Sounds like I had a lucky escape.

5 years or so ago, she was fantastic and delivered a top service - sadly it seems things have got worse which is a shame because she WAS once one of WY's best....

Online overdone

I'm thinking about seeing Charlotte for quick session. I know we have 2 bad reviews or more on here but seen some on other sites - note these reviews are not by me & don't know who did the reviews.


2 good reviews 26/7/14, 25/5/14. I think one guy has posted his own number in the review unless its an escorts number. But Charlotte number is on the site

Hi, I so Charlotte about 6 yrs ago when she worked in Ackworth. She was a stunner then and gave a good service. To be honest the only reason I've not been back is the distance. I seem to remember her having shower facilities then, must have gone down hill !!

Online overdone

There does seem to be an increase in Leeds so I think everyone moved there

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