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Author Topic: Filming: British vs Foreign girls  (Read 540 times)

Offline Daffodil

One thing about the girls who agree to filming, that interests me, is that the local girls are more likely to do it than the foreign ones. I appreciate that with the internet any picture can become 'global' but, even so, I'd have thought the opposite to be true with foreign girls more up for it. I don't think I have ever filmed an Eastern European girl but have filmed quite a few British WGs.
I wonder what the reason is for this. Greater choice of local girls so statistically more likely to find one? A different mentality?

Offline Geetaw1

Overall, the least favourable punts I have had have been with foreign girls. Some have been downright mechanical. It was like having sex with a member of Kraftwerk. They were the fucking robots. You almost sense that you have ten minutes of oral and when the stopwatch in their head goes, 'We put condom on now, yes?'

Eh? I was just watching Deal Or No Deal. I would gone for box number 6 and I had no idea you had started.


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