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Hi All

Just wondered is is possible to buy a ukash voucher in a shop and then use it on AW to view private galleries?

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Yes it is. Just enter the pin no. of the voucher on the correct AW page. It's an anonymous way of buying credits. It saves you having Awork on your CC bill or bank statement.
I don't know why they can't put something a little less blatant instead?  :unknown:

When you buy your ukash voucher pay with cash because if you pay with debit card for some reason it wont be accepted when you enter the code.


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also make sure you enter the right voucher number as if you make a mistake ukash may block it and wont unblock it until you supply photo ID and proof of address which they want sent via email - scanned copies and photo of the voucher, they then informed me it will take 30 days to give me a refund via cheque....

fucking tossers