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Author Topic: Vicki  (Read 863 times)

Offline Goharley

Ok, as I like the the more mature WGs, has anyone got any views about Vicki who's on other places?

Offline Toshiba

Never seen her, looks a bit hefty for me and she says shes pretty but i suspect shes not

Good price though and she may be worth a risk but for £25 more i can get an 20 yr old stunner no problem, im just not sure id go here mate

saw her a few years ago, pics are accurate.  She's ok, pleasant and friendly.  Flat in a tower block in cruddas park.  Didn't give me the impression she was just going through the motions as some do, but I think the key is to try engage with her a bit, if you are friendly and chatty she opens up massively it seems, well that was the impression I got. 

would I see her again - yes, I've come across much much worse.

Offline James999

This has to be a piss take, she calls herself "Little Vicky" and appears to have the shape of a beer barrel, and her images, what a fucking joke she's even removed her legs to try and save weight  :thumbsdown:

Offline Toshiba

Yep the rest of her pics are no better

Shes that price for a reason tbh

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