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Author Topic: Available Today in YORKS  (Read 795 times)

I thought I'd do a quick search on AW to see who might be available today in Yorkshire. The search revealed 49 profiles only one lady really stood out and I've seen her before but she was not available.

However I did have a look at this "Newbie" I say newbie but I think she may have been on AW before.


The thing that made me smile was the comment on her profile "I'm not a money grabber or a gold digger, and besides putting my rates too high isn't good business sense"

These are her rates:

Rates           1 Hour   2Hrs         4Hrs  OVERNIGHT
In Calls           170       320   -   470         1500
Out Calls           210       350   -   500         1700
The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).

I'm not totally against paying such rates and can't really comment on whether or not she provides an experience that warrants those rates. What I can say is they they do seem rather high for Yorkshire AND when there are escorts like




who I have seen before I can't see the point in paying the rates requested by this lady!

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Offline steviemac

Not that I'd pay for any sexual service with anyone over 30, one thing I've noticed though is the more mature escort (40+) prices are fucked up, i was even going to make a thread about it in the main section the other week.

I've notice they charge £50 an hour more than a girl in their prime (student/model type), why?  They aren't vintage wine.  You'd think their prices would be lower so they can compete.

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