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Author Topic: Advice for punters/prostitutes when making initial contact.  (Read 2143 times)

Offline NIK

Inspired by the thread on the main board which I have now closed I think some advice on communcation etiqutte is required.
The initial contact is extremely important and sometimes it isn't easy to get the balance right.

It is all very well prostitutes saying 'read my profile and don't ask questions that are answered there', but especially on AW, that profile is very often inaccurate. I have come across more than one girl who actually wasn't fully aware what was in her profile as it had been designed for them by others. In my opintion that is stupid and possibly even dangerous and the onus is on the prostitute te ensure it is totally accurate.

However I have seen some initial enquiries from potential clients that if I were a prostitute would make me cringe. Eg 'Are you ready to take my huge cock up your arse?' etc, etc.
If a woman isn't happy or comfortable with a man's initial enquiry the most sensible thing would be simply to ignore it and don't get involved in protracted communication. If a potential client sends such a message he probably isn't worth bothering with. No sensible or experienced punter would make that type of initial communication.
However if he sensibly and politely asks about services then there is no reason to be rude. For example I often ask. 'Can you confirm that you provide such and such as listed in your profile?' Simply reply, 'I can confirm that I provide all services listed.' You can always add the usual 'to my own discretion,' so if a problem arises during the appointment owing to him being unhygienic, too large or whatever there is always a get out clause.

Quite simply a bit of common sense and decorum are required and should be expected on both sides.

And there are some AW profiles that are so defensive, offputting and even aggressive ('I don't do this that or the other, don't ask me about...,' etc etc.)  that I can't believe any punter would want to even make an enquiry in the first place.  :scare:
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Offline smiths

Good post NIK. I always seek phone confirmation of services offered which i have first seen on the WGs site or profile and i again seek confirmation in person when i get to her place before handing my cash over.

It seems to annoy some ladies on another forum when this matter is brought up. My experiences tell me most enjoys lists are wrong or as some ladies explain, not correctly updated, its her job to ensure both these things are correct in my opinion.

Nothing can be done about the argument some give that it is a timewasters dream and he gets off on asking the lady about her services. Timewasters do genuine punters no favours and are arseholes but its an occupational hazard of a WGs job sadly, as reading false enjoys/services lists on profiles and sites is a punters hazard.

Offline sealion

And there are some AW profiles that are so defensive, offputting and even aggressive ('I don't do this that or the other, don't ask me about...,' etc etc.)  that I can't believe any punter would want to even make an enquiry in the first place.  :scare:

The one exception to this being "I don't do Bareback - ever" or words to that effect. Personally I find a statement like that reassuring rather than offputting - and frankly the blunter and more unambiguous the message the better.

Offline Strawberry

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I have no problem confirming any details, since it's wastes everyone's time if I am not offering the type of thing that client is looking for. In the last couple of days I've been asked "What do you specialise in?" at least twice. I'm aware that parlours and agencies often use "specialities" to cover activities a girl will provide, sometimes with an extra charge.

How should an indie respond to this since I've seen unending lists of "specialities", and many of those activities I simply count as part of my repertoire - not something I think is out of the ordinary?

I usually say GFE, including kissing, O, RO but no A or domination. On some websites you see toys, roleplay, DFK and allsorts broken down.

I have tried asking the guy to specify the things he is looking for, since that would be easier than running through a list of endless possibilities. Plus of course one man's meat etc. This doesn't seem to work either, since guys seem to always clam up at that point, possibly because it puts them on the spot! The same goes for 'services' which I suppose is more or less covers 'speciality' too.

The only times I become uncooperative is when someone is asking for a graphic description, or it's obvious they are running down a list of increasingly extreme or daft propositions.

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