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Author Topic: Mia42, Cambridge  (Read 1616 times)

Offline Pace10

https://www.adultwork.com/194647 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mia42

Anyone seen her? She's recently bid on a reverse booking of mine.

I am a bit wary, especially as she's been registered since 2006 and only have 10 feedback. I asked her about this and she just replied that she doesn't see many people and that she has a full time job and partner, but I find it a bit strange that she bids on reverse bookings and still only has 10 feedback in 7 years.

We have  exchanged a few emails, as well as her emailing me a few more pictures of herself. She also sent me a link to her escorting website: www.mia-escort.co.uk

Her private gallery is only 1 quid and she initiated to send me more pictures so I don't believe its a PG scam, but the low feedback is like I said what makes me wonder.

If anyone's seen her or have any feedback I would appreciate this! Thank you in advance!

Offline CBPaul

Haven't seen her but the profile looks genuine enough, especially as there is an associated website - a lot more effort than the typical scam.

Perhaps she does more threesome bookings with the partner who appears on  the website. I vaguely remember seeing a profile with the two of them on AW but not my sort of thing so I didn't pay much attention - pictures look familiar though.

I emailed her about an outcall before Christmas - got a quick, friendly and enthusiatic response. I intend to book her in the next couple of weeks and will let you know the result. Looking at her PG she looks like a swinger who enjoys cock so could be good, and at least fairly fit.

Offline vt

How much was the Reverse Booking?

Offline Pace10

Thanks for the replies guys. Like you, CBPaul, I thought it looks like a profile and webpage with too much work for it to be a scam, especially as PG is only 1 quid.

The reverse booking was for 4 hours outcall in London (I posted it here since it says Cambridge on her profile). Her bid was for 300 (like her profile rates).

I've gotten a good vibe off her emails. She responds quickly and in proper writing with full sentences. She says she's Swedish but has lived in UK for 15 years now. A bit surprised she doesn't use the "swede card" to market herself.

I'm in Cambridge so for me it would be a local outcall (1.5 hrs £200). Not sure I would risk longer sight unseen - though she does seem to like long bookings.

Offline Pace10

If you meet her within the next two weeks emirates52, please let me know.

Meeting up for a longer booking with someone I haven't met before is a risk, but I might risk it with her as I've gotten a really good vibe by her emails. Just got another one as well. I hate when getting hurried 3 lines, 10 words emails back but these are at least properly written and she's clearly taken her time when writing them. Seems like my cup of tea personality wise from what she's written at least, but of course, emails can be completely different from a face to face meet.

Did you go see her in the end?

personally i prefer longer bookings occasionally

Offline Pace10

The reverse booking isn't till 2 weeks actually. As it stands now I have 3 bids I'm considering, her being one of them. Almost gonna feel bad for the 2 I don't end up meeting cause I really can't fault them at all when it comes to communication and the great impression they've left. Will update when I decide who I see.

Offline Pace10

Just and update and that is that I've decided to go with someone else for my RB, but I would be interested to hear if anyone meets up with Mia42 as I can definitely see myself getting a booking in with her some time in the future.

Have you made a booking emirates52?

Not yet. Typically I've ended with a post-Christmas binge so have a few other things booked. But like you I am still interested in her and do intend to meet up with her. Will let you know when I do.

Offline Pace10

Yes, please let me know and I will do the same if I end up seeing her before you, but I don't think that's very likely as I don't think I'll be in the area for a couple of months, possibly longer.

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