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Author Topic: Looking for a strap WG  (Read 1022 times)

Anyone able to suggest a strap on WG in london?

Offline anyfucker

for a full-on arse experience you could try Anikassecret, fit toned body, lots of energy


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Offline herbie007

I saw Anika a while back; she’s a fit naughty girl and a very good shag too, if you want to be shafted up the bum then Anika’s the girl for you, she loves shagging men’s bums not that I’m into that sort of thing, apart from a finger or a tongue.

When I saw her she wouldn’t let up and kept on about shoving a toy up my bum, so I let her put her smallest vibrating dildo up there whilst she sucked me off, and I must say it was very enjoyable.  :rolleyes:

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