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Author Topic: Alex XXX  (Read 1394 times)

Offline Timo


Looking to make this one my first punt of 2014. Has anyone had the pleasure? An endorsement from someone on here would be good.

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Thanks CoolTiger. Didn't find that when l searched...
Reading the threads, her having a receptionist has put me off a little bit.
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Offline 3xtdmc

Not put me off, she's right on top of my list at the moment!

I saw her a few months back. To be honest I was pretty disappointed. She is very, very attractive, just as you would expect from the pictures and she is a really nice girl, really pleasant. The punt itself though was average at best, she did everything I normally like in a punt, it was just a bit mechanical. Not the worst punt I've ever had but I've had much, much better and for £140 I was a bit disappointed.

She looks very pretty...please someone say she is a terrific shag and I am in  :D

She looks very pretty...please someone say she is a terrific shag and I am in  :D

She is very pretty, and she isn't an awful punt. She does everything she says she does but just isn't particularly enthusiastic.

Offline aardvark

Unusually her 30 min rate is half her hour rate. Reduce the risk by booking for 30 and extend to an hour if she is worthit.

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