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Author Topic: Nicole - Kirkcaldy, Fife - Asian  (Read 15275 times)

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Offline jambogaz

My last punt of 2013 has cum & gone!

Sent of to Asda tonight for a pile of shopping, I was bored & horny. 

A quick look on AW didn't really help, tried a couple of girls but too late (after 9).

Had a quick Google of "Kirkcaldy massage escorts" which usually gets a Vivastreet hit or 2.

Found the only Kirkcaldy advert was for an oriental girl.  She sounded fine in the advert, but I had a feeling I had been to that flat before, and whilst not a disaster, in fact had a very good massage with a decent HR there, the girl I had seen last time (using the term "girl" very loosely) was much older than the advert suggested, could hardly speak a word of English & stank to high heaven of aromatic veggies, God knows what she had been eating, no way was I kissing her though!

There used to be a regular Asian flat in Kirkcaldy, where I had several visits, all of them very good, for massages with HE.  That one closed but I think this place might become a regular, if I can put up with the veggie smell!!!!

Anyway, gave this one a call, sure enough it's the same flat but a different girl, a new Malaysian girl who had only started today.  I thought F-it, let's go for it. 
So I turned up, there's the same smell in the flat, some sort of spicy, aromatic cooking smell, very Chinese-ey! lol. 

This girl I would say was easily 35, not the 24 mentioned in the ad.  Not much of a looker, pretty plain, but with a nice body, slender typical Asian figure, small breasts, flat tummy, not a bad wee looker in the flesh.  Very friendly too.

I was only after a massage with Happy Ending, and to my surprise she offered this - 20 minute massage then HR - £40.  I had planned on around £60 but that would have gotten me the full service so I was charged less - most unusual!

So the massage was pretty decent, firm to begin with, pretty thorough, then she does a reach-under  :)  Teased me a bit for a wee while then started that really light fingertip/fingernail swirly massage strokes that the Asians do so well, I was squirming with it, it was very nice!!

Asked to turn over bang on 20 mins, she breaks out umpteen bits of toilet roll, baby wipes etc.  Proceeds to give mini-Gaz a good old clean, also cleaned my nipples & my tummy.  She told me that she is fanatical about cleanliness, and not to worry lol.  So she starts on my front, kissing & licking my nipples & working her way down, got a bit of ball sucking too, lots of attention & finally a slow, oily HR to explosion!  Cleaned me up again, very thoroughly while chatting away happily. 

Really nice, friendly girl, not the best looker, but I enjoyed myself & for an ultra-budget punt it was well worth the £40. 

She is called Nicole & is only in Kirkcaldy for 2 weeks, when she will return to Newcastle, her normal place of residence/work.

Here's the link - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+kirkcaldy-ky1/gorgeous--oriental-kay-in-fife--kirkcaldy/84665077

Offline jambogaz

Well. After this weeks disaster of a punt with the kinky Nymph (trade descriptions etc...) I jumped back on the horse more or less right away with a visit to the Oriental flat in Kirkcaldy. The lady Nicole was back for one week so I took advantage of her services.
Another ultra cheap massage and happy ending session - £40 for half hour.

Very enjoyable, if anything the massage was better than last time and she spent quite a lot of time on teasing me this time, felt great.

Thoroughly recommend this girl. As said before not the best looking Asian woman you will ever meet but a really nice figure and not a dog by any means.

Even the smell has now gone from the flat so win win!

Hope this info is of use. They also do full service, charging £60 for the half hour.


Offline Kaffeine Monsta

Nice girl. Shame her face isn't shown. But a lot of Asian babes look identical.

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