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Author Topic: Lily Moretti - Bristol  (Read 8010 times)

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Lily is still about she is louisa I have spoken to her a few times and she Is on my hot list too. Natural true beauty i'd love to see her myself



Looks like Lily Moretti is active, but only selling photos and movies.

Well thats what it says is coming soon.

Hopefully she will have some explicit photos and movies.

Fingers crossed.

Dr T



Does anyone have anymore news on Lily_Moretti ???

Just hoping she maybe working somewhere in the Bristol area?

or maybe for an agency?

Any info welcome......

Dr T

ps....this was my 200th post  :yahoo:

Offline cpw_19

The profile pictures have a standard URL. Unless the user or Adultwork removes the pictures then they are still there, it will depend on what has happened to the profile. Not sure in this case but the URL is ....

Code: [Select]
The 1111760 is the ID, replace it with another for a different profile. the _1 can be replaced by _2 or _3. In this case there is no _2.

This is one of a few resons why I'd urge members to post user ID as well as the names, names change but ID's don't unless the profile goes offline.

Additionally AW is based on JavaScript, so in Firefox (I'm not sure about IE) you can go to Tools -> Options then click "Content" then where it says "Enable JavaScript" click "Advanced..." and the box says "Allow scripts to:". Uncheck the box that says "disable or replace context menus" and hey presto, your right click menu is back!!

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