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Author Topic: Stunningamira Indian girl from North London  (Read 4380 times)

Offline intpro

Has anyone had any experience of stunningamira from north london believe she is from golders green or Hendon. Cannot see any reviews of her here and on some other websites I can see her pictures have been used on agencies advertised as Yasmin.


She also has a duo account where she offers services with her friend. Anyone have experience of either service or do they look for a scam?


3 review(s) found for ClassyIndianMira linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She has 2 fieldreports on AW both of them done by guys with 80+ feedback and both were positive. She just hasnt linked them to her profile. So that's in her favour. Although one suggests she only looks 90% indian.

Offline intpro

How did you manage to find her field reports, have tried searching but cannot find anything related

Someone else posted on another thread as I didn't know until recently, so I wont take credit for it but its simple just go to the search drop down on AW about half way down is "view field reports" click on it. Then on the next page go to the forth tab along and put in her nickname and click on search.

Hope that helps

Hey Guys, just to let you guys know she is genuine and actually some of my best punts have been with Amira.
She has been around the scene for a few years now and I saw her twice when she was in west London and once which was very last minute and very late at a Ealing flat to which greatly appreciate.

Offline Rowntree

I saw her about 2 years ago in a downstairs flat in a house.

Had a good time, very attractive, but just didn't hit the mark for me.

Have not returned - but might try again in the future.

Yup, seen her earlier in the year.  She's alright.  BJ was so so, light kissing, no fingering but a solid pounding session.  Had a little chihuahua running around the place.  Somewhat reserved and guess we didn't click. 

Offline ibet

The only prossie I have been to visit 3 times, she used to perform CIM at no extra and was very hot 3 years ago working from the same house in Hendon. Visited her this year and still sits in my top 5 punts of this year, we have great chemistry and she always has a bottle of wine to knock back  :thumbsup:

P.s Credit to surgeon for those fake tits, great work  :hi:

I've met her a few times and she has a couple of girlfriends that she likes to have threesomes with!

She has also just had another boob job - her areola were huge so she has had them reduced!

Offline Packer

Seriously? I saw her once and part of the reasons for my second visit were her large areolas. I love them. I shall start a new thread on WGs with large areolas later this weekend I think.

I thought her service the first time was great. Fairly good OWO but she used her hands at the same time to massage around my back passage. It felt great. Sadly this didn't happen the second time and for £160 with no CIM, I think she's over priced, so unlikely to return.

She dit mention duos the second time and I reckon this might be the profile for that:-


Anyone tried?

She had them done during the second week of October. I agree that I thought her large aerola were great and I have given her some grief for having them done.

One of the girls in her private gallery on AW is Anousha who is Sri Lanka and they do threesomes together regularly. You could also ask her for a session with Zara who is Iranian or Natalie who is black. Lots of exotic combinations!

Offline intpro

Great responses to her, definitely sounds like she is legit, she is one who is going to get punted  ;)

i did see this girl long time ago but she not good with her
 service  :diablo:

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