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Hi guys

well thanks for the info about charlene hart so can you help me out?

I would love to meet one on the tv babes so do they escort, if so who & where?



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... tv ...

sorry no mate. one of the sexy babes on the babestation type television channels


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Call them on the number on the screen and ask......


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many girls in the adult industry do escort these days as the other bits generally don't pay enough. Not sure which station she is was on but porn star antonia deona escorts. She's listed as sindy on made angels in London. I saw her in asda a few months ago in Cardiff. She's tiny and looked bored (and ropey) and was with a bloke who seemed like a drip. I somehow imagined her to be with a big chest Douglas type. Think she charges £250?

I tried to book her and leah caprice for a stag do a few years back. They were advertised as strippers on a escort site owned by some bloke from ebbw vale. She said she didn't work for the bloke etc. it later turned out he was a scumbag and I think he's still doing bird

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Oh I wish they did -check out Ree Petra   --  I'd sell my house to have a go at her !!
She does some really good porn films.....absolutely gorgeous....... also Amanda Rendall ......although she seems to have dropped off the radar of late.


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Saw this one about 4 years ago on a reverse booking I only paid 160 for 2 very nice hours, i think she was a bit desperate for cash at the time.
As far as escorting goes she keeps a fairly low profile.

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There are plenty of Babeshow girls that escort, because It's good money and modelling, porn and tv presenting don't pay that well, In fact I punted with one last Sunday In MK.

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